Wednesday, 22 April 2009


A fellow blogger recently said that what she really liked about my blog is that I don’t go on about ‘me’ all the time. Most blogs, she said, are dreary descriptions of self-centred minutiae. I basked in her approval, nodding and agreeing, sickeningly smug and self-righteous. So, I feel more than a little uneasy about bunging up a meme. Never really been too sure about memes – presume they are simply ‘me me’ things, which makes it all worse really, doesn’t it? But I love Tessa’s Aerial Armadillo blog and my poor rain-lashed ego needs an outing so, ahem, here it is……

What are your current obsessions?
1. My hairy fingers and toes. In desperate need of plucking, waxing, shaving, whatever. It’s either that or give in to my inner hobbit and let them grow, plait them, bead them, straighten them…
2. Paisley. Permanent fascination.
3. Madmen – the TV show. Makes you realise how far we’ve come in forty years. Scary yet compelling.
4. Shades of yellow. First it was red, then white, now yellow. This house is begging for yellow.
Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
Like Tessa, it’s jeans and cowboy boots. Though in my case, sadly cheap nasty ones (the jeans) from Sainsburys. And it’s not ‘most often’; it’s always. I occasionally buy skirts but they languish unworn. I don’t possess a dress, save for my wedding dress.

What's for dinner?
Haven’t a clue – I won’t be cooking it.

Last thing you bought?
Not sure which was the last technically as had a little online flurry and waved the credit card around in a very rash fashion.
1. cricket spikes and trousers for the boy.
2. steam cleaner from eBay (if it ever arrives – three weeks and counting)
3. er, compact camera (blame KittyB – NOT my fault.)

What are you listening to?
Nothing. Forgot to get speakers on my PC. Duh.

If you were a god/goddess who would you be?
Persephone – Queen of the Underworld. Always sounded rather glamorous to me and old Hades seems a sexy cove….appeals to my inner goth. Beats picking poppies anyhow.

Favourite holiday spots?
1. Peloponnese… I love the Greek islands but love this even more. Lapping soft sea, history and mythology in buckets, calamari, dolmades, metaxa.
2. South-West France….Lot-et-Garonne… warmth, great food, lazy days, caves, happy memories.
3. Maine. Fresh air, ocean, whales, good coffee, nice arty crafty places.
4. West coast of Ireland….wild beaches, seals, stunning bars, gorgeous seafood, lilting music

Reading right now?
The Great Western Beach by Emma Smith
Strandloper by Alan Garner

4 words to describe yourself.
Overweight. Unhealthy. Neurotic. Glum.

Guilty pleasure?
Spider Solitaire. Having managed to expunge it from every computer in the house, I have now discovered I can play on-line. My name is Jane and I am addicted to a pathetic online card game.
Oh, and black and white etchings of weird mythological creatures.

Who or what makes you laugh until you’re weak?
Very little. I’m the one the workmen call out ‘Cheer up love, it may never happen’ to. Milla however has the rare capacity to make me wee myself with helpless laughter.

First spring thing?
Weeds. The torment begins. They exist to distress me.

Planning to travel to next?
Florida. Oh, OK, Walt Disney World. It’s going to be ‘magical’ apparently. I’m packing my broomstick.

Best thing you ate or drank lately?
Boston baked beans. The real thing. Slow-cooked nearly to oblivion and just deliciously sweet and cloying and, er, fart inducing. Separate beds last night. Wish I could put myself in a separate office as the effects are longlasting and truly revolting.

Flower of the moment?
Euphorbia. Dig that acid green.

Favourite ever film?
Into the West – makes me cry every time. ‘Nooo, Tir na Nog, nooooo.’ Nobody else gets it.

Care to share some wisdom?
I wouldn’t dare presume. Oh, OK then….

Life is short.
Nothing is fair.
Grab every chance for happiness with both hands, tie it up if necessary.
Never buy really cheap chocolate (though Galaxy is fine).
Be grateful for everything good (however tiny).
Don’t be precious, or snobby, or make assumptions.
Give children firm boundaries and don’t turn them into mini adults – it’ll happen soon enough. Never EVER have a terrier (unless you have a strong masochistic streak and skin as tough as rhino hide).
Learn the fine art of ‘getting in your NO’ quickly. As in ‘Would you like to be on the committee for…’ ‘No. Sorry. Really can’t.’ Quick as a greyhound out of a trap.
Never have pale carpets or sofas – it’s madness (and if you say white leather can be sponged down you need arresting for style crimes).
Be helpless sometimes – otherwise you will end up doing it all.

I could go on (I’m an agony aunt so it comes with the territory) but I’d better stop.

Rules of the meme. Respond and rework. Answer questions on your own blog. Replace one question. Add one question. Tag 8 people.

OK, I’ll tag the following (though if it’s a pain or a chore, just smile sweetly - or curse me roundly - and move on…)



Chris Stovell said...

'dreary descriptions of self-centred minutiae' oops, that's me then! On the other hand, really good nosey memes, like yours, are always worth reading. From pixie to hobbit? No, I don't think so, Jane!

Cat said...

This was great! Disney World is fun but so hot and humid in the summer and almost always a shower in midafternoon to make it even more humid! Terriers....I have 2 Cairns and a poodle/terrier mix and I have to agree you need tough skin. I am constantly being told by my husband to be the Alpha female- HA! They do not listen to anything or anyone! Have a lovely day!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

I challenge your four words to describe yourself jane - I would say stylish, sensitive, funny, honest.
I confess to hairy toes too - fingers still clear for the moment.


I love these little insights into people's psyches - your wardrobe sounds very like mine although don't believe for a moment your four words refer to your most salient points - try funny, thoughtful, inspiring, wise (tho possibly hairy-digited...). Very much liked your words of wisdom, too - wish you'd shared them with me ten years ago re: setting firm boundaries and saying no. Guess it's probably too late now.

Fascinating stuff.

bodran... said...

so agree with the being helpless sometimes but i've only discovered it lately ,And they just don't believe me !! A lesson i should have learned early in life..

Frances said...

Jane, Jane, Jane, you answers to the questions are very interesting. Actually thought that some of the questions were pretty interesting, too.

Thank you (I think) for the tag. I promise to try to get a reply up and bouncing along fairly soon.


S said...

Brilliant bit of writing....
...Oh God! Now worried that I might be a meme.

Cait O'Connor said...

I have just got round to catching up with your posts Jane and I loved this. I am meant to do this meme too but keep procrastinating, yours is a great read but the four words to describe you were way off. Special, gifted, funny, truthful - that is you.

English Mum said...

Classic. I'm loving the Persephone thing - and I laughed out loud at the Boston Beans. SO looking forward to meeting you!

maddie said...

Why me, me Jane? I like to be the one BEHIND the camera, not in front. Bugger. I'll get working on it though!

Fire Byrd said...

Thank you,I think. Procrastination may be the way forward with this though!

claire p said...

Where we seperated at birth by chance?

Faith said...

Caring, amusing, original,memorable are the words I'd pick for you.

Don't choose Persephone - poor little thing. I see Hades more of a paedophile than anything!

Don't you really possess a dress? I think you ought to try some on and see what suits you. I love summer dresses.

Zoë said...


Sorrow said...

So I am still chuckling at a couple of your answers...
and am so grateful!
I haven't had a thought in my head for blogging, so this is a WONDERFUL excuse for me to post. and with any luck I can send some folks over here to laugh at your delightful quips!. I went and checked out Ariel Armadillo.. and if thats her in those jeans and boots, I loathe her skinny but...
okay, calm to play with this!
Thanks !
your a doll! and a Blog saver!

Jane Le Galloudec said...

Perhaps I am confused... very likely... meme and me me must be different (or do you know that and are being clever and I missed it?). If you want to know about meme's try The Meme Machine by Susan Blackmore (very readable) if you want to know about me me... well 'dreary descriptions of self-centred minutiae' just about sums up my blog... isnt that what they are for? (thank you for your kind comments on mine by the way). Enjoy reading yours because you can write!

Pipany said...

Love this meme Jane. Some of it made me laugh - with you dear, not at you.

Rob-bear said...

Love your diary. Love your gutsy, funny, thought-provoking ways. Just wish you didn't feel so desperate.

Milla said...

oh darling girl, you are tootoo kind, you see, you forgot that, too, your generosity. But keep taking the Tena Lady.
Although I would say that one of the many reasons why *I* like your blog is that there is so much of you in there - who IS this other blogger? Did she read one of your deep ones? the ones I'm too shallow to cope with. ANyway, don't change, and take care crossing hte road in the US of and Be Back Soon (said in Oliver song voice) xx

LadyLuz said...

Great questions, superior (like all of your blog) answers. I had a good chuckle over the Boston beans.

Sally Townsend said...

I never whitter on about myself, my chateau, sunshine, blah blah blah, now feel guilty and in need of choc fix. Thanks. x

Tessa said...

I absolutely agree with Elizabeth on the 4 things to describe yourself. You have all the attributes she mentioned by the truckload...and more besides! Your blog is always refreshing, funny, perceptive, superbly well-written and an absolute joy to visit. It was one of the very first I got hooked on - and, boy, when you stopping for a while, I flippin' MISSED you big time. So there.

Thank you, too, for taking up the tag challenge even though it is a bit squirmy making trying to write about 'me' things. (One of the reasons I got Guy to answer the 4 things bit. That totally threw me. He left out the bad bits, believe me!)

By the way, skinny = scrawny and sun-wrinkled, and my Rock & Republic jeans were bought in a Bangkok market, so I thinks it's highly unlikely they're authentic. And I also never wear dresses - or at least not since we came to live in England. The first summer we were here, I wore the long floaty dresses I designed in Uganda - made from very vibrant handwoven cotton - and it caused people walk into lamp-posts and fall off pavements in sheer horror. So I stopped.)

Herbalgirl said...

Every one of your rare blogs is a treat. I would NEVER describe you as overweight, glum, etc. I think you're fabulously witty, self-deprecating, and very deep, spiritually. xx

Mrs Jones said...

I've only just found that I'd been tagged so have spent most of the day composing some suitable navel-gazing ponderings, which have now been posted!

Pondside said...

How about vibrant, funny, red-head, long-legged???

Fennie said...

I am inspired by your love of life and general enthusiasm. I too love these insights - though having just followed up your tag and contributed my own thoughts I am left contemplating how difficult it is to say anything without being frivolous.
But you seem to achieve that in spades. Beautifully told.

Anna Lefler said...

Mad Men and Spider Solitaire! We are separated at birth!

So happy to see you at my blog - thanks for visiting...

:^) Anna

Unknown said...

Brilliant answers - but I'm not sure about your description of yourself at all - I suspect Elizabethm's description is far more accurate.
And by the way, hobbits have hairy toes too...

Anonymous said...