Friday, 22 March 2013

Day Tripper in Prague...

So. Went to Prague. Just for a night and a morning.  I loved it.  So much.  Needed longer, much longer. Must go back.
And what caught my eye?  Lots of things but, inevitably, walls and windows.  Blockades and openings. And,  of course, the Lennon wall.

Walked away with a hundred songs in my head...


Frances said...

Jane, I do love that tune.

Did you ever see the Beatles, or meet John Lennon?

Over the years, I either got to see each of the Beatles perform, or met one (Paul) or saw one off stage (John, carrying a bag of groceries into his apartment building a week before he was killed.)

I have, however, never been to Prague. It's a place that intrigues me, but one that I would be hesitant to visit on my own.

And so, dear Jane, let me know when you'd like to return to Prague. It would be grand to be there when you are.

Please do post some more of your Prague photos.


Greta said...

And now I have a hundred songs in my head. Many of them aren't the number one hits, either. This one. Eleanor Rigby, PS I love you, We can work it out etc etc etc Thanks for the memories

CAMILLA said...

Love The Beatles songs, I was fortunate to have met them in the sixty's in London when I was working in a shop in Marylebone High Street.

Fabulous to have visited Prague Jane if only for a short stay, hope you can go back some time in the future for a longer visit.