Monday 11 March 2013

Moscow Drug Club

‘You need to get out more,’ said Caz.
‘I’m fine.’
‘Sure. But you’re living in your weird fantasy world. It’s not real. You need to see people, do things. You know…in the real world.’
‘What’s real?’
‘Oh for God’s sake.’
‘It’s just distraction.’
‘Then be distracted.’

And I thought, fair enough. Why not? So I went to the pub.  So I went to see Cloud Atlas (at the local cinema where the audience totalled about ten, which is just fine and dandy as far as I’m concerned).  So I went out for lunch. So I stayed in for lunch with an old friend. And I was…yes…distracted. A bit. 
And then I wandered down to the village hall to see Moscow Drug Club, cos Caz had insisted I had to go. And it was…nice.  I bought a bottle of wine cos Caz had said a couple of her friends were going to share a table with us.  But none of them was drinking red so I quietly glugged it myself.  And I ate too - seriously good roast vegetable lasagne and salad followed by lemon tart.
And they played a bit of Tom Waits, a bit of Jacques Brel, a bit of this, a bit of that. They were a good troupe. I pricked up my ears when they announced Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to the End of Love - a song I love - but they sort of wrecked that, as far as my ears felt. But generally, it was…fine. Nice.

And afterwards I helped Caz hump tables around and she came back for a cup of herbal tea and we sat by the fire and talked a bit. 

And the next day I got an email from her.  And she said: 'It was lovely to see you out enjoying the frivolities of socialising with your community. People were so pleased to see you.'  At which I gave the screen a quizzical look. 

And then she asked me four questions…


Frances said...

Jane, I also love that Leonard Cohen tune.

What did you make of the Cloud Atlas film, brave lady?

SAW Blogger said...

Hi Jane,
We went to see them at West Anstey last year - if you blinked you would have missed the Tom Waits track - a few people at the end were asking 'Where was it?' Lets just say it was off an early album we never play...
Their poster makes them out to be far more vibrant than they really are which was disappointing - otherwise we would have leapt at the chance of seeing them a second time - we don't get much live music in these parts.
Davina x

Exmoorjane said...

@Frances - I loved it. You? :)

@Davina - You express it perfectly. I was expecting - wild? And got - nice. :)
The Phoenix in Exeter have good acts. And I met a lovely couple at MDC who run a music (world/folk) festival in Stogumber. Should make a trip maybe? :)

SAW Blogger said...

Jane - perhaps you should have joined us at The Brewhouse to see The Tiger Lillies, I was just as intrigued to see who would make up the audience! But Stogumber sounds interesting - keep me posted.x
PS Did you pick up the book proof I mentioned from No7

Unknown said...

That sounds so lovely! Can I tag along next time?
Seriously, I am glad you got out. It's good for you :) xx

DD's Diary said...

People are always telling me that I should get out more. Then, when I do, I realise why I spend a lot of time at home :) xx