Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Words drive me crazy...literally

Words by Eighty-3 at deviantart

Words. They drive me crazy. No matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, no matter how careful and precise you try to be, they slide away; they do their own thing.  Because what you can’t ever control is how another person will read them, will interpret them.  It’s why emoticons are so important in social media, on forums.  End it with a J  and it’s all okay (or not).  But, really, emoticons aren’t enough.  You can’t express tone when you write.  Sometimes I think we need to write as if we were writing novels… adding in the adverbs (against all advice to the contrary) *smiling wanly*. Do you know what I mean? *small sad voice pleadingly, brow furrowed*  
Music is purer, not so open to misinterpretation. *relatively certain tone* Or is it? *frowns* The listener can so easily pull out one lyric rather than another; what one person perceives as a positive note will be seen by another as a negation. It’s why one song can mean a myriad different things to each and every person who listens to it. 
What we really need is a way to beam emotion and intent straight to other people.  That can be done on a one-on-one basis, if both parties are attuned or understand other dimensional working (though I am not always entirely sure about that either nowadays *sad sigh again*). But expressing one's intent, one's feeling, to a mass audience isn't possible or *pause, ponders* probably desirable, come to think of it. Maybe other people need to put their own interpretations on things. Maybe there are reasons for misunderstandings, for missed communications?  Maybe the misunderstandings are there as mirrors? *really don't know, just stabbing in the dark here*. Maybe they help us grow?  And growing is good, right? *asking, not remotely telling* 
Anyhow *with small, not irritated, just sad, sigh; in resigned tone*. I thought I’d been gone long enough, been down deep enough. I thought I was done with the underworld for just a little while. *long pause while looks out of window at soft rain falling, mist over the valley, leaves turning yellow, ochre and copper, breathing consciously, feeling deep yet strangely good pain in heart*.
I tried being back in the world, tried to smile and talk and be normal but it felt like I was outside myself, watching a puppet moving jerkily, on strings. I really had nothing to say; I have nothing to say. Because, see/hear/feel, right now, I'm only half-cooked (or half-baked, yeah, yeah, I'll say it so you don't have to *smile, yes really, smile*). And that’s okay, really it is…*nods, trying to convince self as much as anyone else*.
This morning the path was slippery, slick. I felt like I could so easily fall.  The big field was no longer empty; cows stood watching.  The path was strewn with shit. Go figure *rueful smile*. A friend said she’d dreamed of me, twice…with shelves full of dust.  And so I took the books that had been gathering dust and started to read.  And the synchronicities started crashing in again, one after another, again and again and again and again. Just too too much. *awe, wonder, fear, trepidation, uncertain to the core*.  What the shit is going on? I don’t understand.
Whatever it is or isn’t, I realised, *big deep sigh* that I had come back too soon.  I have more I have to do.  Back to the crucible I go.  Honestly, don’t worry – it’s okay.  It is what it is. Byss; abyss. 


Milla said...

yoo-hoo!! I'm the unsubtle one who says the wrong thing and is giving up caring about it. Come Back Jane!! Stop stressing, shrug it all off, Cut the strings of all the crap. Come on, come on, come on. You are loved and admired and bloody good fun (Harry Enfield voice). Busy with my dusting, German lad arrives later, so just nipping on and not really here but had to put a cheery paw print down and lots of kisses MWAH XX

Bab's said...

Hi Jane I love words because of their complexity and meaning. To make sure someone gets your meaning I guess you have to stick around, trust and refine the communication. I'm not intending to simplify - I think I get what you're saying. I'll be here to chat when you're ready :)

Nora said...

You are rather hard on yourself and don't cut yourself any slack. Please ease up. You don't have to make your life so tough. Don't forget to smile and relax a bit. Nothing is that serious.

Exmoorjane said...

You are all very lovely and very kind. I'm okay, really...it's all part of a necessary process.
But I do still think words (endlessly fascinating and revealing as they are) are not only soothsayers and tricksters but can be Januses too... :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing is real and nothing ever happens really.

Exmoorjane said...

Everything can happen. Unreally.

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Words are just communication and as human beings we can communicate in so many more ways than just language. As you say, words can be misconstrued. As writers we need to convey more than just literal meanings - in whatever way we can - i.e. using the senses to explore meanings and checking thta people get us.