Saturday 6 June 2015

On wildness

It's Sunday and I should be gardening.  I should be tidying, chopping, weeding, pulling things up and throwing things away.  But I'm not.  Why?  Because I rather love the wild.
Yes, the garden is becoming a bit of a jungle but I like that - I like the profusion, the abandonment, the sheer greenness of it all.
"A green thought in a green shade" indeed...have you read The Garden by Andrew Marvell?  Do, do.
Then it puts me in mind of Hildegard of Bingen and her veriditas, her greening...that juiciness of spirit.
There is a craving in my soul for the green, for the wild wild green...not for neat rows of flowers forced into obedience but wild, wild, abundant, reckless, feckless green.  Nature left to its own devices.  The beauty of frond and flower, of curl and crevice-cling.  So, I leave it be.  I just sit for a moment, a blessed moment, while the house sleeps, watching the branches lazily sway, moved by invisibility - the wind's negative image.
It will take a special person to love this house, this garden... Will they change it?  Of course they will. Everyone seeks to impose their will, their vision, their desire on their abode.

Does it matter? Of course not. Everything changes.

Might you love the Bonkers House and its feckless garden?  Check out its blog.
Or visit the estate agent's website and see it here.  Come view - I won't be here...I'll be a spirit hiding in the green.  


Irish Eyes said...

Don't you dare touch that garden!!!!! It's perfect as it is. My kind of garden. Nature friendly. Xx

Carah Boden said...

Couldn't agree more Jane, and have just read the lovely Andrew Marvell poem (Takes me back to my A level English days!!).
Bizzarely (so often in coincidence with you and Elizabeth M), I had just put something up about a walk last week (have had internet problems for days, just resolved) where being swathed in green and blue nature was the perfect antidote to life's ups and downs.
Have read the house blog too but am intrigued as to why you are moving. 'Time to move on' is as enigmatic as ever - but would love to know more details and where you think you might be moving your caravan to next. Email me if you have a mo. xx

LeeAnn at Mrs Black's said...

Your garden (like your house) is so lovely. I like the wild too. I only get courage to chop once the wild has fallen over. x