About this blog

For what it's worth...
This is purely a personal blog - it's where I write about the stuff that interests, puzzles, moves or amuses me.
This stuff often has no rhyme or reason, there is no Great Plan. :-)
I welcome all comments and all points of view.  If you feel the urge to plug your business here, that's a bore but it's your prerogative.
I do read other blogs but in a very random way and I don't always comment. I don't play the 'you pat my blog; I'll pat yours' game.
This blog is not commercial.  I have not received any money for any post to date.  I have recently bunged up some Amazon associate links to my books so that, if you buy them via this blog, I get a little extra money.  I do get sent stuff - both as a blogger and as a journalist - and occasionally said stuff makes it into posts.  However, any PR who wants stuff featured on the blog should realise that I don't do straight 'reviews' and that products and services will be treated with brutal honesty and might not always appear in a positive light! If you're cool with that then feel free to get in touch. My email is janeATjanealexanderDOTorg

Think that's it really.  I'm not precious about words cos, really, they're only words... Sometimes people repost my stuff on their blogs or websites and that's cool... Good manners and common decency would suggest that it would be nice if you credited the post and linked back here.  But I leave that with your conscience.  :-)