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This is the revised and updated version of previous titles, Mind Body Spirit, The Holistic Therapy Files and The Holistic Therapy Bible.  It represents the combined wisdom of the hundreds of therapists and practitioners I've interviewed over the years.  It's my version of a natural therapy encyclopaedia. Hopefully a really informative guide to the whole field of natural health and MBS. Includes lots of DIY exercises and self-help techniques.

You know the miscellany form – fascinating little snippets of knowledge and wisdom and advice – well this is it but all about natural health, mythology, symbols, religion, the supernatural and esoteric. I learned a load while researching it and there should be something for everyone here – whether hardened sceptic or seasoned new ager. For example, do you know how to make your own holy water? How to distinguish between various types of Norse ghost? All vital information for everyday living.

The uber-handbook for modern life. Simple, effective ways to conquer stress and overload. How to tell if you’re overloaded, stressed – or both. Plus simple strategies to get your work/life balance back on the straight and narrow. Also asks some probing questions to take you on to the next level.

I loved writing this book.  It's all about how to make a feelgood home, rather than a lookgood home. Includes information on feng shui, space clearing, clutter clearing, colour, sound, scent and light. The mythology and psychology of the home plus much much more.

This is the Kindle version (updated) of a book which was translated into countless languages and sold right around the world.  It was also published as Detox for Mind, Body, Spirit
It's a sensible, straightforward book on what detoxing is and why you might need to do it. No bullshit, no daft nonsense – just sane healthy plans for kickstarting your health. 

This is such a neat idea (not mine, I hasten to add) – everything you need (bar the food) for a detox all packaged in a really lovely box. The book gives the lowdown on detoxing and introduces three different types of detox – an easy entry-level one, a full thorough cleanse and a ‘cheat’s detox’ (my favourite). Also included are organic detox tea bags (from the fabulous Pukka herbs), detox essential oil, affirmation cards and Daily Detox cards with tips to keep you going. Makes a great gift – just buy an extra for yourself!

This is my book on the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda. I’m a huge fan of this incredible mind-body-spirit way of keeping healthy and happy. The original texts are pretty complicated so I’ve tried to keep it really simple here – so hopefully everyone can understand the theory and practice and be able to use it. I explain the concept of doshas, prakruti and give guidelines on diet, exercise, lifestyle, beauty and making your home healthy and harmonious. Now available in Kindle version.

The Energy Secret - Practical Ways to Energize Every Aspect of Your Life.  Originally published by HarperCollins, this has now been updated for Kindle.
We all want more energy but this isn’t just about boosting your physical energy levels, but looking deeper into the concept of energy and broadening it out to include emotional, environmental, social, sexual and spiritual energy. It sounds deep but I hope I’ve made it clear and accessible. In every section there are easy-to-follow exercises and advice that you can bring into your own life.
I think this may be my favourite out of the books I've written.

I was deeply sceptical about smudging and space clearing – until I tried it. I love the ritual of cleansing myself and my home (and any deeply negative visitors!) with a bunch of smudge. This book was originally part of a whole kit but now it's been published as a stand-alone book.  It's a shame the kit isn't still out there as it was rather nice.  But hey, life moves on.

This was originally published by HarperCollins and it's waiting for me to get it out in a Kindle version.  
I’m big on ritual and love marking the seasons, life events and just everyday moments with a little ceremony. I think it brings us back to ourselves and helps to drop a little bit of soul into everyday life. I’ll be honest, I loathe the design of this book (also published as Sacred Rituals at Home in some countries) but the info is sound. Let me know what you reckon.

A small book that looks at how to make your child’s nursery a calming, healing, reassuring space. We all want the best for our children but that might not include what you automatically think. Looks at practical issues of safety as well as more esoteric ideas as colour, light, blessings and feng shui. I've updated it for Kindle but, of course, the e-version doesn't contain the lovely pics of the hardback.

Another small book, giving you all you need to know to turn your living room into a friendly, welcoming space. Looks at the history, mythology and symbolism of the living room plus gives hints on planning, furniture, placement, colour and scent. As before, the Kindle version comes without pictures, sadly.  But the info is sound.

Once again, another small book in the Spirit of…. series, spin-offs from the original Spirit of the Home. In this book I ask you to think a little deeper about the food we eat. How to choose, prepare and cook your food with mindfulness and awareness. The healing power of food. Feng shui in the kitchen – vital not just for your health but your finances.. And much, much more. As before, the Kindle version does not contain pictures. 

All too often our bedrooms become frenzied, nervy places, instead of soothing, comforting slumber palaces. This book shows you how to make your bedroom calm and conducive to a fabulous night’s sleep (plus the odd bit of passion of course). Another one in the Spirit of…. series of little books.  As before the Kindle version does not contain pictures.

I’m not usually one for quick fixes (I don’t trust them) but I was persuaded this was a good idea and, hey, it is. When I trawled around the experts I found there ARE things you can do that are quick and really work. This book is set around an average working day and gives hints on staying healthy, happy and on top of your life from the moment the alarm goes off to the point where you drop off to sleep at night.

Well, it had to happen after The Five Minute Healer. I love this book. It gives a host of weekend plans – everything from practical detox and beauty weekends, through change your life and boost your energy to the more soulful retreat weekend, shamanic weekend and kabbalistic weekend. Also ideas for weekends to welcome in each season. Turn your weekends into something special… I've updated and refreshed it for Kindle.  

My first ever book (published by Transworld, Bantam) this looks at a huge number of natural therapies, from acupuncture to zero balancing (taking in pretty well everything else along the way). As you’ll have gathered from my blog, I like to tell it like it is so you get the full nitty-gritty here – as in what to expect, whether you have to take off your clothes and whether it hurts. All pretty vital as far as I’m concerned. This book is pretty old but the info is still okay (though the resource section will be out of date)…

My second book (again, published by Transworld) and one that never quite got the attention it should have (fell victim to shifting editors in the US). It is a guide to living healthily and happily with the seasons – packed with tons of information, practical advice and tips – and everything you need to know to keep body, mind and soul ticking along happily. It’s one I still get tons of emails about, from people who just love it.  Now revised and updated for Kindle.