Saturday 19 November 2011

We are in a holding pattern...

Hello? Hello? Announcement to all passengers on Bonkers Airways flight number 2520.  We are currently in a holding pattern.  The captain is lost in the Himalayas and the co-pilot has mislaid her hearing device and can’t read the map. Meanwhile the controls have mysteriously switched to some arcane language. We have tried to meditate our way out of this situation but the SP keeps distracting us by licking our chakras. 
So while we try to regain control and realign our coordinates, I will hand you over to head of inflight enlightenment, Ms Solange Noir (yes, that's her in the tub). 
Unreally though...I woke up thinking about Solange's images and wandered over to her website and yes, she had put up some new ones so I simply had to share them with you. 
Creep through the cracks
Path to the heart
Infernal portal
Kiss me, my swan

Revolution's Child

And then this photograph, below, flirted with me and I was going to ask her about it (but knew she'd still be soaking in the tub) so I wandered over to her blog and found that, hey, there it was again and she had written a poem to go with it... So I thought I'd share that too. 

Creation's Garden

bright smears of
sweet scented notions 
original hopes
swaddled tightly in buds
fearlessly burst forth
enticing fragrance of youth to 
lure the brightest pollinators 
joining in scenes of original sin
leading to fruitful conception
lusciously juicy fertile
 thought becomes reality as
flowers to fruits to 
seeds far flung
propagation seems unending
reveling in beauty of creation


work devours life 
among deadened ends
joyous blossoms fade 
edges tinged umber
slippery underfoot blown in
winds footfalls bruise
swept in gutters 
washed away by grey rains
beauty's seeds obliterated as
routine creeps under the peel
skins rot thoughts age bodies fade to
scattered dreams crushed needlessly 
beckoning death's approach


tender waters poured
gently over neglected ideas
encourage wasted tendrils to
sprout timidly 
soon to flourish as
yielding youth's ignorance
confidence returns
coaxes desire to
regrow with intelligence
revealing attractions  
sacred and profane to
germinate fresh love of life
fully relished until 
last blossoms

(Solange Noir 2011)

Please note all photographs are her copyright, reproduced with permission - please don't abuse that. 

Bonkers Airways, like most of the world, is financially embarrassed right now, so please show your appreciation by spreading word of her prodigious talent and divine attributes.  In other words, do buy a print from her shop (T-shirts and other goodies coming soon) or offer her some juicy commissions, eh?

Oh, and whaaa...???  Just at this very minute, my CD player fell off the Reviber and started playing I guess it wanted to be included, huh? 


F said...

I love the intensity of Solange's work so much. And doors just seem particularly relevant to me right now. So many choices, you know?

Hope Bonkers Airlines lands itself a nice juicy bailout & can resume normal operations soon.

Also, I would be okay with someone licking my chakras.

Liz said...

Have you been on that funny wine again????
Hope Bonkers Airlines sorts itself out soon.............. :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, sister from another mister. The universe blessed me when it let our paths cross. And thank you too, Ms. Frankie. I wrote that poem when I realized I was starting to believe what the media tells me... age equals the death of usefulness, beauty and desire. They are so wrong, age only matters if you let it. Screw letting it :)

Hildred said...

At 86 I am touched by Solange's poem, and deny constantly the death of usefulness, beauty, and creativity.

Rob-bear said...

Ah, such pictures by Ms. solange noir (including the delightful Polar Bear).
And the poetry, with it's "until" and "unless." That gets to me at this wee small hour of the morning.
You have such interesting, artistic, amazing friends, Jane. Thanks for sharing all of that.

Tattieweasle said...

Love the poem as I seem to be thinking or forced to notice age so much recently- this reminds me to hope!

Zoë said...

I was struck by the likeness of Solange to Vita Sackville-West - one of my heroines. Strange what you see in others.

Love her work - always fascinated by the elemental colours - water earth wind fire almost. Maybe I am seeing them with my own interpretation - but then Art along with beauty is in the eye of the beholder too?

Hope it rains silver on you very soon xxxx

Anonymous said...

No transformation... :o(

F said...


Oh god, yeah. My relationship with traditional media is scattershot these days. So often, they're too late to the game, and the picture is full of static. Sometimes I do a drive-by reading of mainstream analyst assessments, but then I wonder who owns them.

Social media and citizen journalism may not be unbiased, but at least they wear their allegiances on their sleeves.

Rachel Selby said...

This is great - I've lost weight already. :) xxx

Exmoorjane said...

@Frankie - I love it too...but you might have gathered that by now. :) Portals eh? :) Chakra licking is cool.

@Liz - Absolutely! Cheers. :)

@Soli - Ditto. :)

@H&C - Exactly!

@Bear - Truly I am very blessed. And very grateful.

@Tatts - Always hold on hope. Always. xxxx

@Zoe - We always see everything with our own interpretation but that doesn't make it any less the truth. I see different things every time I look at Soli's work. xxx

@Ma.Ste. - Transformation! :)

@Frankie - could have a long debate about that and I feel there is good in both but there is a joyous freedom about the web for sure. :)

@Rachel - Transformation! :)

Chris said...

So glad to have finally found a really comfortable airline to fly with!Hope Bonkers never realigns the coordinates, 'cause I'm fine with a holding pattern in the Himalayas.

As usual, Solange's photos are fantastic. Love the lighting, the colours, and the subjects. I want to eat them!

Hm, might taste good with chakras. :)

Nice work, Miss Jane and Miss Solange. Keep the tender waters pouring.