Friday 8 November 2013

Apparently I'm a holistic hero...

My emails have been pretty grim lately.  Not much in the way of good news.  Mainly pleading notes from my accountant and apologies from editors who can't afford to pay any more.  So, if anyone has a spare job going, do let me know.  I'm quite serious.

However, one email arrived this morning that did make me smile.  It seems Natural Health magazine has nominated me in its Beauty Awards.  I am, it seems, a 'holistic hero'.  And at first my natural (ho ho) response was a shake of the head and a smiling 'Nah'.  But then I thought... heck, I have been championing natural health and holistic beauty for donkeys' years, over twenty in fact.  I have always maintained that it makes no sense to eat a squeaky clean diet and exercise like a loon if you're plastering your face and body with toxic chemicals.  I have lauded natural health brands in the press and all over social media since...forever. I have also mouthed off about how so many so-called 'natural' and 'organic' products are wolves in sheep's clothing. So, heck, holistic hero? Why not?

I'm up against some pretty formidable names and am pretty proud to be included amongst such (far more famous) luminaries.  So, my chances are, let's be honest, slim.  But still, it's just very nice to have been considered.  And, who knows...if you vote and tell everyone you know about it?  :-)

If you would like to vote (this is a blissfully short survey - only about five categories, if I recall) - do please click the button on the right hand sidebar.  Or, if that's too far away, click here:

I'm in the third category down.  Really chuffed to see old favourites like Victoria Health there too, and new favourites like Lifehouse Spa.

Oh, and normal blog service might resume soon.  I am awaiting an interview with the wondrous Sandie Zand.


Jobo Pooks said...

Well done, you. xxx

Exmoorjane said...

Why, thank you, Mr Pooks. Most kind. :)

Ladybird World Mother said...

Ooh, er Mrs. I'll vote for you, chuck. I'll nip over and do it now. Well DONE! xx

Ashen said...

I voted straight away for you when I saw you link on twitter.
Even though I'm a stubborn saboteur of my own health (smoking roll-ups and so on) I value passion :)

Frances said...

Jane, just before I do click on that link, I wanted to say a particular hello to you.

Promise to make sure to see you on my next UK visit...I want that to happen in spring of 2014!

Here's a bit of a holistic note. This afternoon I was searching for two "lost' books on my book shelves. I knew they had to be there...I could not possibly have lost them, could not have given them away, and all those other negative possibilities.

During my search, I first found a wonderful, treasured Marion Foale knitting book (from way back when, with beautiful patterns based on designs from even farther way back when.

And then, I found your book, Spirit of the Home, and remembered how much I had enjoyed that book. (I do still have a particular clear view into my apartment upon each daily entry...if you get my drift.)

And...I went out for a walk in Central Park, and came back and ... found the two missing books, right where they'd been begging me to look.

Yes, Jane, you are a holistic hero!