Thursday 26 June 2014

The Pause and the Invitation

I'm just back from The Deep Pause in Cornwall. It's a five day retreat run by life coach Danielle Marchant and I was there to report for Queen of Retreats. Funny thing, I wasn't even sure I wanted to go.  I was feeling low, on one hell of a downer for all sorts of reasons, and I just didn't feel I had the energy or the inclination to engage.  I felt I had nothing left to give and my life felt like such a mess that I really didn't think that something like life coaching could help in any which way.

Wrong.  So wrong.  It was a totally mind- and soul-blowing experience all told and I need to digest what went on for a bit before I splurge.  But, right now I just want to give heartfelt thanks to Danielle, to Amy (who did way more than just cook incredible food) and to Lynn, Caroline, Sarah and Hayley (soul-sisters one and all)...oh, and Dave (who played guitar - another story in itself).

But let me start with the ending.  Just before we left, Danielle read out Oriah Mountain Dreamer's poem The Invitation.  I have seen the poem around a lot but, you know, I haven't ever really read it, I haven't really listened.  This time I shut my eyes and I did listen, and it chimed. A lot.  So I thought I'd just put it out here for you in case it has passed you by or in case, like me, you have never really paused to take it in.

There are parts of it that are really harsh, that make me wince - for example, 'I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself?'  Ouch.   And many other parts that make me want to punch the air and say 'YES!'

(c) Oriah Mountain Dreamer - this image from

To be continued...hopefully.


Ashen said...

Oriah ... offers a fair mirror.
Only, I find it sometimes hard to know what I really long for in my heart.
This seems to be a time when many people ask themselves this question.

Exmoorjane said...

@Ashen. Yup. :)