Sunday 19 October 2014


Poor Asbo.

He is blind.  So blind.  He turns his head, bewildered, staring around with blank eyes.

He is lost.  Almost always so very lost.
He eats.  He sleeps.  He pisses and shits.
He barks for no reason, none that can be discerned anyhow.

If you were feeling fanciful, you might say he howls into the void.

He licks the sofa.  Repeatedly.  For hours.  Mindless activity? Meditation?  Dementia?

If someone shows him affection, he wags his tail.  Or he bites them.  It depends.

I sit outside.  It's a rare sunny autumn day.  Pretty beautiful actually.  Asbo is trying to find his way back inside.  He bats his paw ahead of him, trying the air, feeling for the edge.  He takes a step and tries again.  And again.  He's going the wrong way.  Again.

He looks okay from a distance.  He's in pretty good shape really, considering.  It's only when you get up close you see the dead eyes.

He drives me crazy.  He irritates the fuck out of me.

Well, of course he does.

I am Asbo.  *smile*


Anonymous said...

I AM knot. *rings*

Posie said...

Aww poor wee chap...

Alison Cross said...

Bless his wee cotton socks!

Exmoorjane said...

@Maste - Off course knot. U don't have a dog. Hmm. RU Franek? *rings*

@Posie - Ay. He needs a better home really...someone who would love him more; give him more time.

@Ali - Er...yeah. One dog parcel heading northwards. :)