Thursday 14 May 2015

Politicians are pants, courgettes are bananas and other arty oddities

So I had written this long, self-obsessed, whining, pathetic post but then, before I could post it, I had to go to pick up James from school and, when I came back, I stumbled across this picture of...A Variety of Unprocessed Foods Cut into Uncannily Precise 2.5cm Cubes by Lernert & Sander
Mesmerised, I was.  Quite mesmerised.  You have to look closer...
In fact, you really should go and see the whole lot - they've been printed on a website called This is Colossal - here's the link...
In fact, the whole website is really worth a look.  All kinds of intriguing things but mainly a blissful obsession with food-related art.  Take these, for example - Graft Tableware: Biodegradable Utensils that Look Like Vegetables
Seriously pretty, huh?  
Not to mention these...and, no, that picture is not digitally produced, not at all.  Which does make you wonder...why? But then, it's Art.  Not saying I'd want to spend hours, days, whatever finding out how to arrange apples like that but I'm sort of reassured that someone has the time, energy, ingenuity, discipline and panache to do so. You could argue that one's time could be spent in more useful ways...I dunno, saving the world or something but, hey...sometimes we need to make space for things that are totally useless but somewhat beguiling, no? 
And then there's this...banana disguised as a courgette.  Because, let's be honest, every time we see a banana we think, 'Ha, masquerading as a courgette, are we?'  Or is it the other way around?  You don't?  Me neither.  But then I'm not an artist.  

Actually I just love this site sooo much, it would be easy to sit here all afternoon, scrolling through and showing you great bits.  But, hey, go discover for yourselves...just report back with the juiciest bits, huh?

Oh, and one last thing...that amused me a press release through about these...
Yup, politicians printed on pants.  Or rather, politicians are pants.  Genius.  Pure genius.  Do you want Boris on your bottom,, on second thoughts, let's not go there.  I leave you to make up your own captions.  Please share.  So far it's been a totally pants week and I need all the laughs I can get. 

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