Tuesday 21 December 2010

Solstices, eclipses and a dose of good advice

Merry Solstice! Happy Lunar Eclipse... It’s the first time the two have coincided for 372 years so it has to be significant, don’t you think?  I’ve been hunting round trying to find out what exactly it signifies and I stumbled upon Elizabeth Barton’s blog and she says some stuff that chimes with me.
First up she gives this quote: “The tail wags the dog until the dog takes a good look at what is going on. A change is about to take place.”

Well, that resonates big time. I’ve been wagged for way too long.

Then she said: ‘If you do magick…. this is the day to do it! Use this mega energy for yours and other people’s benefit.’ So I figured I won’t go out tonight but will stay in and do some “stuff”.

Hmm. What kind of stuff, Elizabeth?

‘First, release the old; last year’s baggage, then make your New Year affirmations and start manifesting. You will be amazed at the results.’

It’s a plan!

‘Also if you have not been looking after yourself, this is D-day. D is for, “Do it now!”

Okay Liz. I hear and obey. Actually I am starting to look after myself. Having not eaten properly for several weeks, I have made myself get a bit more balanced. I’m eating muesli and fruit and vegetables and getting some protein. Eating is still a chore but it is happening. I’m drinking tons of water and lots of peppermint white tea. I’m starting to stretch and move back into yoga and it feels good.

As is the way right now, the perfect things materialise just as I need them and I’ve been sent some absolutely amazing products. They’re by a company called ila and I’m smitten. I don’t pay enough attention to my body but these creams and unguents are sort of forcing me to be a bit more attentive. In fact, I’m going overboard and am positively slave-girlish right now. A small jar of Face Oil for Glowing Radiance sits by my PC and I anoint myself with it (probably more often than the maker intended)... But then, when they say things like this -

The essential oil of damascena rose otto is the most precious for women as it is deeply regenerative and nourishing to the skin's cells as well as bringing glowing radiance.

– what can you do? And if my face is glowing radiantly, I’d better get the body to match, so I’m lathering on the fluffy, light as a cloud, Body Cream for Glowing Radiance too. One neat side-effect is that rose damascena is a pretty powerful scent and it’s managing to nudge out the really disgusting stench of dog food that billows out from the electric heater in my study. If anyone knows why it smells of dog food (talking meat – Pedigree Chum sort of thing) or (more importantly) how I can get rid of it, please leave me a comment.

Anyhow, basically I could devour the entire ila range. Not only do they feel and smell gorgeous but they come in THE most scrumptious packaging. They even do candles (I’m craving the Orange Blossom Candle that supposedly ‘uplifts the soul with higher energy) and the Jasmine Flowers Candle for Inner Light Joy (don’t we all want some of that?) and incense and uplifting and soothing CDs (like Dream Time Journey) and, and, and....oh the hell with it - I want the lot!

Ila is the Sanskrit word for earth and the company uses only the most natural ingredients, produced with respect for both the earth and the people who harvest its bounty. ‘We believe that the concept of balance goes beyond restoring our own energies,’ they say. ‘Being in balance means existing in harmony with the wider world.’

I just love that.

Soooo....I think tonight I’ll have a long soak in the bath (Bath oil for Glowing Radiance added of course) and then rustle me up one bit of powerful ju-ju for a stonking New Year. Changes are a-coming, me hearties... ride the rollercoaster, go with the flow, tumble into the void!

PS....please keep clicking the Next link - up there, top right hand corner of the main blog page...win prizes, nice prizes - and maybe save me from penury while you're at it. 
Look on it as your solstice gift to me...  :) 


F said...

Now I'm thinking I probably I shouldn't have had potato chips, gingerbread cookies, and clementines for lunch today. I did drink water, but only because I didn't have any cola handy. At least the clementines will prevent scurvy.

Sounds idyllic. So easy to forget to take care of one's self. Not even forget, just postpone it. Until after the shopping is done and the laundry is folded and the dishes are washed and the cat box is changed and...

Sometimes you just need the reminder.

I think this afternoon I will light some candles and listen to some music and hug someone I love. It's the darkest day of the year, after all, and somehow that makes it seem a little more important to keep the night at bay.

And I'm sorry I laughed at your dog food radiator.

Anonymous said...

I was up at ten to two this morning and was so tired I fell asleep again. I really wanted to see the lunar eclipse live, it would have been magical. Out with the old, in with the new; something I'm trying to do with my writing. Hoping my methods will pay off next year!

CJ xx

Exmoorjane said...

Frankie: Bad Frankie! That cola will rot your teeth or your brain, you know... :) Yeah, the year is shifting to the light but this is the most tricky time of all. Hugging is good juju...

And yeah, laughing is the right and only response to my dog-meat heater.

Crystal: Isn't the energy of it AMAZING? Yup, it;s gonna be a mega year next year. Make a big wish for your writing tonight! :)

The bike shed said...

Sadly, I missed the eclipse too.

Have good Christmas; I have enjoyed your blog this year - I usually read even if I don't always comment.

And good luck with the novel.

PS I've had some good news with my writing. I've been working on a book about fatherhood on landscape, and amazingly have a publisher interested; and I've also been asked to run a course on blogging for writers at the Ty Newydd writing centre in Wales. Scary.

Mark's latest post is Moments of Transcendence


F said...


Even worth than tooth-or-brain rot, it makes me testy when I crash from my sugar-and-caffeine high.

Have you checked to see if the dogs are squirreling away winter stores of dog food behind/under the heater somehow? I used to have a dog that would hide pizza crust behind doors. I can only assume he was stockpiling it for the advent of Zombie Armageddon and the end of pizza delivery as we know it.

Wally B said...

With so much added radiance, you won't need the smelly heater, so out with the old.
May the turning of the year bring you both joy and contentment. maybe a book deal too:)

Rob-bear said...

The Bear is 0 for 2. Slept through the Eclipse, and not taking very good care of myself.

Maybe things will be better when I can settle down and hibernate.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Yup missed it too, although I was awake for most of the rest of the night ;)

Lots of Elizabeth's points resonated with me too, especially the DIN rule - Do it now!

have a great Christmas J and a happy and healthy 2011. Hope to maybe meet up again!

warm wishes

Tattieweasle said...

Lovely unjunts (I know my spelling is terrible!) but unjunts just seems well right the way I spell it...I need roses, I need milky white softness and I too need a way to get rid of the smell of dog food although mine is puppy dog food once digested...lovely!

toady said...

Bring it on!! I do hope you're right about the big changes. 2010 been a lousy year chez Toady Towers. I need some unjents too. The rose stuff sounds amazing.
Happy Christmas

Posie said...

You make it all sound sooo heavenly Jane, I could do the face cream, defo, but am completely rubbish at remembering body creams etc, and then the yoga..yep think that should be on the resolutions list...it makes me feel so good and yet it tends to come bottom of the priority list. Am very impressed at you managing to eat well at this time of year, that is definitely slipping here...as crisps and trifle and chocolate log and all the yummy Christmas things are taking over...
Have a fab Christmas, Posie

Exmoorjane said...

Mark: thank you! And, wow,great news....huge congratulations. :) Have heard great things about Ty Newydd - good luck with that.

Frankie; love the idea but it's not a radiator - it's a small boxy fan heater...so they'd have to get sticks and poke the food through the holes. Actually, having said that.... *goes to check*

Legend; Thank you so much... :)

Bear: hope things look better after your hibernation. I know you can get the lows... :(

BM: A very Happy Christmas, my dear friend...Yes, do hope we can meet soon.

Tattie: get ordering! You would love them!

Toady: oh no, not you too... :( Sending huge good 2011 vibes down the link road!... :)

Posie: ah but you're being very energetic, rescuing footballs and so on! Happy Christmas, up in the far far north... :)