Tuesday 1 March 2011

Oldberry Castle

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant Hapus! Happy St David’s Day to my Welsh friends and family. Adrian left for Cardiff at first light, boyishly excited about spending this national day in his beloved home country. I picked some daffodils from the garden for my desk – but I fear they are still tight buds (and it’s too cold in here to coax them out).

So this morning the SP decided we’d go over the bridge and up into the woods. We went up the Middle Path (how apt), high up to Oldberry Castle, one of the two Iron Age hill forts that protect Dulverton. No deer today. Just spring busying itself for the big reveal. For now it’s small still – the snowdrops are fading; primroses are starting to smile from the banks. There are buds on the trees and brambles while shoots are pushing up through the dry leaf blanket.

I missed my path. How? I know this place like the back of my hand yet I missed it. How strange. How delightful.  I went off-track instead, clambered over fallen tree trunks, snatched by brambles, stroking bark, patting moss. And found myself at the castle once more. Not that you would see it as a castle, not from the ground. But you can feel it; defensive, strong, protective.

Listened to the wind. Loved the wild. Then put on my iPod for the return journey and drowned in mud (so it was a mistake to slide down 'the chimney', a narrow, steep track) but didn't mind as I was also drowning in Jack Savoretti. Do you know this guy? I am in love with his entire album Between the Minds... this is just one of the tracks

And this comes from the upcoming album

Ah, just lovely, lovely, lovely. And now I’m back at my desk and must get back to work. I’ve changed my candle. I now have Jasmine Flowers for Inner Light Joy burning...a cheery yellow to match my (potential) daffodils.
I know, from the responses (both here and elsewhere) to my last blog that a lot of you are going through tough times. Today I light my candle for you all, dear souls, and hope the small signs of spring will bring you fresh cheer and hope.


Viv said...

Funny, I bought daffs today too.
Oh and the word verifcation is corns. weird.
My great great Grandmother's cottage is in the Welsh national folk museum, as St Fagan's, so I am part Welsh.
Did you know St David has a brother, name of St Dogmael? There is a village too, we insisted on taking the dog too years back and arrived for a medieval fun day straight out of Midsomer murders...

F said...

That sounds like a lovely walk. The sun is shining here, and warming the air. It's beginning to carry a hint of spring. Unfortunately we have to get through slush season before outdoors becomes truly enjoyable.

Frances said...

Happy St David's Day to you, Jane.

Your walk with SP sounds very fine to me. I've got a thing for moss. I just love its colors and textures, particularly when it's patchworking its way across old stones or bricks.

I am having a relaxing sick day off from work today, and enjoying this confinement, while vicariously having the opportunity to climb through the woods above Dulverton.


Eliza said...

Happy St Davids day to you too. I'm part Welsh, but its been a long time since I've been there. I bought some daffs to plant today. Glad to see your spirits are lifting a little, and love the music.

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

My first Tenby daff is more yellow than green but still not quite out on St David's Day. Think it is very appropriate that Adrian is in Wales too.
Whenever I lose my path while out walking I always find another, sometimes better way. As long as there is no metalled road I can lose my path on the most familiar territory. Why is that?

Miss Sadie said...

Dydd Dewi Sant Hapus!