Monday 23 May 2011

Karma and The Cold

There are times when I have absolutely no idea who I am.  I catch sight of my reflection in a mirror and am simply perplexed.  I look down at my hands, typing, and think 'whose are these and whose words are they tapping out?' So many people seem so sure of themselves; so keen to bestow their certainty on everyone; to tell you what is right and what is wrong. How lovely to be so sure.  Even if you’re not right.

Right now, I feel buffeted.  It feels like I’m standing at the front of a fast-moving ship with the wind forcing air into my lungs – so hard that I can’t breathe out. Signs and symbols and synchronicities are crashing into me so fast, so furious. I try to bat them away like flies, but there are simply too many.
It’s nearly June and I’m cold, so cold, so freezing cold.  Or is it just me? Is it an inner cold, an inner ice, a soul cold?

Is. Ice. Isa. The rune that is one straight line. I. Id. Idol (ego).  I’m in here (but where/when?).
Isa imerges again and again.  Standst(ill). (Cons)t(r)aint. That which impedes. Ill(us)ion. 
‘”The winter of the spiritual life is upon you.”
The I, the eye and the ei. Funny, innit – egg in German is Ei.  The divine I. Eggo. Egg-O.  This last bit, by the way, from a little book Adrian gave me on his return from Russia – on Euphonics.  ‘I and O are sounds which link the solitary self with the totality of things, as in I alone, or I all one. At one are those who can atone; For the All One revolves alone.” 

Sorry…(I can see Milla rolling her eyes) but I just love the way words have deeper, core, universal, sometimes hidden,  meanings…
And I dunno. I have no right to feel frozen. I am lucky, I keep reminding myself. I have family, friends, health, not wealth (but that is small in importance – as I was strongly reminded the other day, I would rather live in a bedsit and be free than in a mansion and be bound in hell).  So why this freezing? Why this soul sadness that creates such a deep ache in the heart?

I asked on Twitter, as you do.  Yeah, you can ask about deep soul sadness on Twitter – it ain’t all about cupcakes and sexbots.
‘I’m getting a strong hit for Yellow Rattle karmic essence,’ said Jackie Stewart (@JSFLowerspirit).  So I checked it out.

Those in need of this essence carry an innate sadness and melancholy from previous lifetimes that they are often unable to express, and which causes recurring and apparently unfounded feelings of hopelessness and despair to surface in their current lives.” 
And welled up a bit.  ‘Are you alright, Mum?’ said James, curled up on my sofa (home ill from school).
‘Of course I am, love. I just felt a little sad. You know – you do too, sometimes.’  
Swallowing the tears – sometimes one is never alone when one needs to be.  He hugged me until he made me smile, his warmth thawing the chill.  But it returns, it always does and then all I can do is run, run, run.  Go to the gym again and race against my self to get physically warm, pushing my body, punishing it really.  I do get warm, eventually…but only on the outside.
I ordered the remedy.  I wonder what it will bring.

Do you believe in karma? Can we carry *stuff* over from one lifetime to the next?  My family believes so.  My brother always said that, as a family, were carry bad karma. My sister goes further. ‘We did bad, bad things,’ she said once. ‘And we will pay and pay…’  Will we? Do we? 


Zoë said...

think its called Ice O lation - something I live with a lot. I dont have any answers, because its not something I have been able to resolve myself.

Sending you a big warm hug xxx

Bridget said...

I too am convinced of hereditary karma. Just no other explanation for those overwhelming feelings. I have found a lot of help from a friend who is a homoeopath.

Exmoorjane said...

* Zoe... I dunno, I don't mind being (iso)lated - or I don't think I do...but accepting that big warm hug with wish you would move here!

* think? I wonder. My mother was a homeopath - she believed in it. :)

Anonymous said...

I would be interested to know how you get on with the essence. I feel like I need some too..!

Exmoorjane said...

Nic - I will indeed....had some flower essences when I went to Lifehouse spa and they had really interesting effect on me. :)

Sessha Batto said...

of course I believe in karma - each life is but an exercise in figuring out what lesson we are supposed to be learning. Too bad we realize it far too late and waste precious time, condemning us to try again and again and again . . .

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

Three times I have replied and three times blogger has refused to post it. Make of that what you will. The essence of it was suggesting that you look neither to what might have happened in the past or to what might happen next. Sit on a warm windowseat in the sun if you have one or if not walk in a wood. All will be well.

Milla said...

will NOT be defeated by Blogger. Wisely (but of course) eventually (not so wise, huh) decided to copy comment so wasn't driven mad when wouldn't take yesterday. Seems a bit OCD to persist. But you was sad and i is nice.
Jane, this is REALLY pissing me off! Your karma has extended its tendrils up north TWICE now. D'you know, I tapped, painful letter by painful letter, a comment out for you from my stupid phone. Right old pain when you can't go back and leave an illiterate litter of typos in your wake. Then Blogger swallowed it. So, I turned on computer - passwords and all that crap. And did you another. Even longer. Full of cheer and wise words (from put on a pullie to care a little less: your skin is thin and your desire to tie down a truth so strong that thigns are going to be painful for you more than for most hoydeny lasses such as my brute self). Lots of wisdom there delivered a-jaunt. And the fucker blogger swallowed that one. More guff about "unable to complete your request" AARGH.
ANyway, finally the word verif is excjoy so I have high hopes of third (actually about 85th time by now, Oi, Milla! Get A Job!) time lucky. ANd if not, you'll never know how much Mrs Trivial tried! Eye rolling indeed, she mutters. Eye rolling! Eyes too bloody hayfevered up to roll.