Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Shadow and Structure: the Design Museum of Holon

I'm a bit beyond, I really am.  Am starting to hallucinate balloons with smiley faces.  This could be because there IS a balloon with a smiley face that bobs around the back of the bloggo-bus - or, then again...maybe it's because I got about two hours' sleep last night and we have been non-stop all day.

'Bet you're having a lovely rest.'
'Cor, great to be on holiday.'
'Lucky you, lazing on the beach.' 

So say my emails...but, um, no....  we've done so much today I can't even remember how it started.  Anyhow...at one point I definitely remember that we went to the Design Museum in Holon.  This was designed by Ron Arad and was something I had really wanted to see.  It didn't disappoint.  So, you know what?  I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking while I go get into the shower before we head off out for dinner...

Desperate measures - blogger escape bid
Eva and Monica sliding through the gaps

Exhibit images from the current exhibition: new olds: design between tradition and innovation

Fascinating stuff - just wish I could get my brain to talk to you about it....  maybe later.  :)


susie @newdaynewlesson said...

Wow-looks like I missed something awesome.

Intersting that the architect is named Ron Arad. Same name as a pilot who has been MIA since 1986.

Rob-bear said...

Well, this is interesting. Sorry you're trying to go flat out on so little sleep. Hope you get more rest and, most important, stay healthy. Looks like a fab trip.

Ivy said...

Oh that looks just awesome !
Stay away from bus stops

F said...

I love love museums. I love all museums. I love big, important museums and I love rinky-dink crackpot museums. They are the places where we put the things we think say something about who we are and where we came from, and where we are going; the things we think are important. And so they do say who we are, but not in the way we might have meant.