Tuesday 22 November 2011

Why we should all Flattr...

There will now follow a short commercial break…

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You may have noticed (or not) a couple of additions to the sidebar on this blog. No, not the shameless plugging of my books or The Bibble but the Flattr button and the Pay a Blogger Day logo.

Should bloggers be paid for their writing?  It’s an argument that goes round and round and usually involves heated debates about advertising on blogs, on sponsored posts and pay per link rates.  For the record I haven’t done any of that stuff myself (well, not so far) but I don’t have any beef with those who do. Life’s tough.
I’m writing my blog a lot at the moment because, let’s be honest, I ain’t got a whole lotta paid work going on. Also I love the freedom of being able to say exactly what I want, what I feel; to shout out about the people and things I love and admire. Independence, I guess. Should I be paid for that?  To be honest, it’s never even crossed my mind.
I am a waiter  -give generously!

Then Frankie said I should sign up for Flattr – a kind of online tip-jar. It's not just for bloggers but for anyone who creates and shares content online  - it can be words or pictures or photographs or music or vids, or podcasts or  apps or whatever. If you like it, you can Flattr it by clicking on a button. Basically you pay a small amount each month and Flattr.com divvies it up amongst the people you’ve Flattred.  Social micropayments, they call it.  Big change though small payments.  But anyhow, Frankie has blogged about it with far greater passion and eloquence than I could ever muster so I’m just going to suggest you haul your arses over to the blog and read... 

I confess, after reading that, I went from being mildly sceptical to nodding vigorously. Because really, we say we want to foster the arts, to support artists but do we?  Really? Nah, the more I look around, the more I think we rip them off.  So this is a simple, cheap, non-exploitative way to show your appreciation for something you’ve enjoyed on the web. 

"Flattr me," says the Oracle
Flattr have a new initiative called Pay A BloggerDay. It’s asking that on November 29 you give back a little to the blogs you love.  I like that idea.  I read so much fascinating, thought-provoking, darn right brilliant stuff online, it’d be nice to give a little back in return.  So they’re asking you hit the donate button (do people really have donate buttons on their blogs? I must be reading the wrong ones!) or buy the T-shirt or print or whatever (sorry, no Desperate Exmoor Woman merchandise available at this point though I reckon a Beagle Oracle range might have some mileage). Or, of course, you can Flattr.
Anyhow. Change the world, one micro-payment at a time? I think it’s a neat idea. Will people do it?  I dunno.  I hope so. Anyhow, because Frankie nagged me mercilessly, I have put up buttons on the blog and on the individual posts so – if you feel so inclined –you can Flattr me too.  J

Of course, typically, the one on the sidebar isn’t functioning right now…their best people are working on it, I understand.  But the others are.. ;)



F said...

I am just as passionate about supporting independent arts as I am about exercise. :)

Tattieweasle said...

Very interesting says she...will go and explore more!

Zoë said...

I think its a great idea :-))

Shu said...

You are so bloomin' good at this blogging thing that I'd be happy to pay you! And you always have such great posts and this is really interesting. Never heard of it before. Of course I shall go read Frankie and see if he can stir my soul the way he has yours.
Shu xxx

Exmoorjane said...

@Frankie - I know... :)

@Tattie - Go! Explore! I tell ya, hon, journalism is dead on its feet, so if blogging could pay, even for dog food, it would be a godsend!

@Zoe - well, Zoe, if you do, then I feel totally vindicated. :) You know web stuff and I always trust your judgement on it. Now, go get Flattr on your gorgeous blog!

@Shubes: Frankie could stir the most hard bitten soul! Check out the unicorns while you're there! ;)

F said...

Haha. The Unicorns are on Fictionaut, Jane. ;)

( here you go: http://www.fictionaut.com/stories/frankie-sachs/svart-annika-and-the-unicorn )

Rob-bear said...

Flattr a blogger?

I can do that. With a steam roller! ;)

Bad Bear! Go to your den, and start hibernating, for Heaven's sake!

Really, I mean, some Bears . . . especially the ones on the colonial side of the pond.


Exmoorjane said...

@Frankie - yay! I have now bookmarked fictionaut. :)
WARNING to anyone who might follow Frankie's link - here be FABULOUS writing - truly FABULOUS. However if you have problems with extremely robust language, sex and menstrual blood I would suggest you don't.. ;)

@Bear - actually, saw you there and the above warning applies! Yeah yeah...get to your cave! :)

dandellion Kimban said...

Should I be payed for blogging? Well, I wouldn't object :)

I used to run ads on my old blog, and while the amount of money was really peanuts, it's sweet when you finally get that check. I guess it would be even sweeter to get something directly from readers, as it would be appreciation rather than advertising.

But after some thught, I think I'll just put Amazon wishlist on my sidebar.