Thursday, 14 May 2009

Blog bling and lemon meringue pie

More blog bling is pinging in….and very welcome it is too. Bereft of prizes in everyday life, it’s always kind of nice to get a pat on the back from a fellow blogger (even if the whole blogosphere will have the award by the end of the week).
I have decided to set aside my rant on Liz Jones for another day and instead focus on the positive things in life. I know this is a little unexpected but hey, even miserable old bags have their occasional moments of frivolity and glass half-full instead of glass draining the dregs.
Also I am being grateful for small mercies, particularly given a couple of recent events. Firstly, as I type, I am watching a thick line of smoke billow up over the hillside opposite.
James was working at his homework on my PC (at which point may I say a HUGE thank-you to the Purplecoo people, in particular Peterwf and Zoe who saved our bacon with helpful weather sites) when he said, in an awed voice.
‘Wow, that’s a big fire.’
I was expecting a large bonfire but, Oh My God, it was a REALLY big fire and looking pretty serious. Quick phone call determined the firemen were already there and focusing their hoses on the fixed caravan which had surely been torched one way or another (given it was tipping it down).

Secondly I was having coffee with my neighbours yesterday (and very pleasant it was too) when the discussion turned to the pub opposite us.
‘Wasn’t that awful about W?’ said my neighbour, turning to me. ‘Has all the blood gone now?’
‘Blood? What blood?’
‘There was blood all over your wall.’
Seems one of our local characters had stumbled out of the pub and pitched over the road and our wall had jumped out and hit him on the head. Poor chap lay bleeding all over the place until someone from the pub looked out and called an ambulance. Did we notice? Did we heck.

Anyhow, am feeling I should be grateful
a) not to have my house on fire – and, indeed, to have a house (no matter how damp and decrepit and money-pitish)
b) not to be bleeding all over the wall

I tried to find c), d) and e) but have been sitting, blankly staring out at the rain, for the last twenty minutes so maybe I’ll just leave it there. Quit while you’re ahead.

Now then, before I get onto the bling, just bear with me for a moment while I try out an experiment.

Harry Potter is gay. Daniel Radcliffe isn’t.
Princess Diana is alive and well and living on a farm in Simonsbath.
Lemon meringue pie recipe is truly fabulous but chocolate brownies are better.
Johnny Depp is buying our house after all (allegedly).

OK, that’s it. Will explain later.

Meanwhile I’ve been given two bits of blog bling which I really like (most are a bit naff, if I’m brutally honest). The first came from yummy mammy and is all glittery and sparkly (bear with me, I’m still in Tinkerbell mode – no, OK, that is too weird an image).
The second comes from dear Milla and is the polar opposite and just makes me laugh and (bizarrely) think of Disney again (though swearing is SO not Disney).

Apparently I have to list my five fabulous addictions. I hadn’t realised addictions were fabulous but here we go.
1. The sodding PC – or rather the internet. If I got offline I might have a life.
2. Ground elder. I dream about it. Not in a good way.
3. Thinking about losing weight. Note the thinking bit.
4. Spider Solitaire. Wiped it off every laptop and PC in the house and now find my fingers unconsciously find it online. Aaaghhhh.
5. Books. At least one I can be proud of.

So now I have to pass it on (I hate this bit)….but if you’re not in the list it’s because I think you are basically far too nice and polite to put up swear words on your blog.

1. The Disney 7 en masse (they count as one choice as come as a package).
2. Yummy Mammy: you give me pixie dust, I give you filth. Sorry hon.
3. Aerial Armadillo.
4. Her on the Hill (View from the High Peak).
5. Called to the Bar (Adrian’s beer blog….) – rank nepotism? You betcha.

I’m passing on the glittery gorgeous award to Milla (because she collects this stuff and hasn’t got a sparkly one yet) and also because she’s always a fab read. Don’t think you have to do anything for it, just grab it and feel the lurve.


family affairs said...

BUT I WANT THAT SWEARY ONE - IT LOOKS GREAT. What is going on with all this blog envy we've got in to and frankly your pathetic attempts to get more hits won't work - anyone would think you lived in medieval times - you have to ANNOUNCE things in big loud letters and link to them and things - you have to write something outrageous like "LEMON MERINGUE PIE RECIPE" in the title. Honestly. Get with it girl Lx

Milla said...

grabbing is right up my street. Had my eye on that twinkly one I must say. Do I "collect" hmmm, makes me sound like a saddo and there I was thinking I was just fabulous, fucking fabulous no less scooping up love from around the blogosphere when in fact am a mere saddo. I think it's the praise thing. There's not enough praise in my life so cheerful pixels are as good as it gets, yours in computerised delusion Cxx

Exmoorjane said...

Ooops, completely unclear blog there - you lot ARE getting the sweary one (though I'm sure you could snaffle the other one too if it took your fancy).....GOd, I can't even give an award away properly!
Yeah, Lulu, you're right - I'm still all waaay too new and naive to this...
LEMON MERINGUE PIE blog coming soon. Liz can wait.

Exmoorjane said...

Milla: our lives are reduced to this. Tragic.

Minnie said...

Post a lemon meringue pie recipe on your blog and I will leave you, never to return. Mark my words, it'd be lace-trimmed knitted loo-roll holders next. Slippery fecking slopes, girl, or wot?
A banshee-proof recipe for really moist, rich choc cake would be good, though ... I can but dream.
Congrats on the awards: any prize is worth having and MUST be celebrated (will raise glass of red to you this eve).
NB WF is saying 'disive' to me: is it fey or something?

Exmoorjane said...

Phidelm: he he. You wouldn't. Not really. btw, would love you to take both yourself as well deserved (NO - don't say anything!!! because I'm not hearing it) - pixie dust, remember?

Kitty said...

I hear a Victoria Sponge Recipe is the one to look out for if good results are what you're after! But I'm sure Daniel Radcliffe (not gay like Harry Potter) is maybe living in that farmhouse with very much Alive Princess Diana in Simonsbath (is that a real place?).

The verification word is tryte. Exactly.

Exmoorjane said...

Ouch Kitty. Ah, tis just a laugh.
And yes, Simonsbath is very much a real place....small and lovely with a great pub and tearoom.

English Mum said...

YAY!!! I love my award?

Lace-trimmed knitted loo roll holders?

I'm crushed.

rachel said...

And what's wrong with a nice pink knitted (or even crocheted) loo roll cover? My nylon crinoline lady looks lovely next to the frilly swagged lace curtain and my collection of novelty soaps.....

ok...I'm making this up.....

maddie said...

Harry Potter is gay?? The news hadn't reached here yet.

claire p said...

I swear all the time, not always out loud I admit. Is Harry Potter gay? Missed that bit then.

Exmoorjane said...

English mum: glad you're happy hon. Now back to those muffins.

Rachel: it's OK - you can come clean here. We won't judge.

Maddie: no, sorry, made that bit up.

Claire P: as above.....just being a typical journalist and spreading misinformation..... ;)

Jennysmith said...

What a lovely classy blog. Look forward to reading some more. xxx

Erica Douglas said...

Thanks mofo, truly grateful.

Minnie said...

Princess Diana's living with Ran Fiennes, isn't she?
You keep that pixie dust to yourself, missus, I'm off to inhale incense!
Thanks for approbation, though - we St T's gels were taught to wait until we were asked; early conditioning = near-irresistible, as JS, SJ would have been the first to tell you ...
What is/are 'aests'?

Tessa said...

Gor flipping heck, you could knock me squiffy with dandelion dust. You, dear girl, have made Friday really rather fabbo, despite the rude grey sky that hovers so remorselessly over this gradually sinking island. Fucking fabulous is not an expression that is bandied about much down in my neck of the 'hood and, god, I miss it. You have made my day! I - or rather my blog - will wear this badge with pride. Thank you.

I notice you left a blank after announcing the armadillo as one of the recipients of this prized citation. I know, I know - there isn't much one can say about an airbourne armadillo...but may I suggest 'crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle'?

Seriously, I'm pickled tink and chuffed to bits. Thank you, Jane!

Exmoorjane said...

Phidelm: sssh.....don't let the cat out of the bag.

Tessa: ah but you're fucking welcome.... any time, dear heart!

DD's Diary said...

Oooh, thanks, Jane, that'll look lovely on my cybermantlepiece! I'm off to write about lemon meringue pies now ...or maybe just have a huge drinkie xxx

Calico Kate said...

Having just spattered myself with B's blood this was just the tonic to take my mind of the red bits all over my clean-on-this-morning-and-would-have-done-another-day-(or two)-pale-pink-with-blue-trim-sailing-shirt. Berludy hope it washes out!

Brown Dog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

Sorry, Harry Potter gay? And what's Diana doing in Simon's bath? I'm sorry, I just dare not dip my toe into Twitter lest I never come out. xx

(PS - sorry about deleted comment - accidentally signed in with alter ego.)

Stephanie said...

HI there. Just found your blog and had to comment. Love the way your write and will be back for more!