Monday 8 November 2010

If you find my muse, send him home please

Alas, my poor blog. I’ve neglected it of late. Blame that wretched NaNoWriMo. I thought that it might kickstart me into writing another novel (I know, I know, I'm a sucker for punishment). But so far it’s just making me miserable. I’m not entirely sure I’m a ‘crank it out in a month’ type of writer – no, not even a first rough draft.  But, hey, I've got a cover, I've got a title and there are some seriously bizarre images and scenes ratcheting round my head. 

I’m still trying to track down my muse. He’s a cranky sod – gorgeous, beguiling and totally inspiring – but he doesn’t half play hard to get. I’ve got his favourite music playing; I’m burning the right kind of candles but he’s still acting coy. I caught a glimpse of him the other day and played it very cool; didn’t want to startle him into racing off in the opposite direction. And, like a beautiful wild horse, he’s starting to edge closer, every sinew quivering. But I’m not going to hurry it. If I write my word count, that’s great. If not, well, so be it.

In other news.

• I have a stinking cold and am feeling mightily sorry for myself.

• In hopes he doesn’t get it, I’m dosing up James with Fitvits Gummy Bears (multi-vit supplement that he would eat like sweets, given the chance).  I think these are great actually - particularly good if you have a picky eater, to ensure they get all the micronutrients they need. 

• I’m laughing my socks off at Beer Cans of Birmingham – the perfect present for that ‘difficult to please’ man in your life. Though, actually, the photographs are seriously lovely so I'd have it on my kitchen wall anyday. 

• I’ve been reading a lot of deeply indifferent books (aside from Room, which blew my mind).  I was hyperventilating as the little boy tried the escape plan.

• I’m pampering myself with Connock’s delicious bath oil. Massage it into the skin and then pop in the bath – even my rough old hide turned silky smooth. Hey, muse, d’you hear that?? Ah, what the heck.

• I’m wearing the deeply decadent Elle’s Spell on my fingernails.  And, when I'm not feeling in a red and frisky mood, I switch to Coalest Day of the Year, which is deliciously disturbingly dark and gothic.

• I’m loving Danger Mouse’s Dark Night of the Soul.  Look, what's not to like about an album that includes guest slots by David Lynch, Suzanne Vega and Iggy Pop? Favourite track so far is Angel's Harp (a right old growler).

• I’m looking forward to reading The Dead Beat by Cody James (my favourite deep dark indie author).

• I’m bemused (but can’t deny I’m chuffed) that Samael has suddenly shot up the charts on Authonomy.


Eliza said...

I'm sure your muse will be back, maybe he has gone on holiday looking for inspiration for you :-) Hope your cold gets better.

Milla said...

well it sure as hell ain't here and, if it does stroll in, I'm locking the door. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

I have a cold and I have The Dead Beat too!
Thanks so much for mentioning Beer Cans x

Exmoorjane said...

Eliza: hmmm, he's a lazy little bastard - probably sunning himself on a beach...

Milla: I wouldn't advise that. And DON'T give him alcohol.

Sheena: maybe we should get a sickroom and someone to feed us NightNurse while reading The Dead Beat to us....

Dan Holloway said...

:))) Does this mean it's arrived safely!

I have the Beer Cans calendar too - I just love it. If I see your muse I shall try very hard not to keep him but to return him to his rightful home.

As November, with NaNo, is a dangerous time for muses, may I take this opportunity to remind people how important it is to ensure your muse is microchipped before you let it out.

Laura - Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy? said...

Sounds like you are a busy lady Mrs A.

I took hyperventilated whilst reading Room, that and cried.

Exmoorjane said...

Dan: absolutely LOVE the idea of microchipping one's muse. Frankly I'm thinking of having him doctored, the rate he's going! That'll larn him for straying. ;)
Yes, copy has arrived - huzzah!

Laura: wasn't Room incredible? Still got shivers down my spine.

Annette Piper said...

A muse will come and go, as is there want. I usually try a little repair and before I know it I'm inspired and in full creative swing - so you could try a little edit, and that might be a nudge to get a little closer to the distant muse?

Hope you're cold goes away soon. Maybe the muse is worried about catching it too?

Posie said...

ooh I am make novel writing sound incredibly tempting, especially with a 'gorgeous, beguiling and totally inspiring' muse...glad Samael is doing well, and I am sure this latest novel will be popular too.
Loved the beer cans in Birmingham idea.....esp as I'm from a family of beer drinkers from Brum...that's Christmas sorted hehe

Kate said...

I tried doing the write a novel in the month thing last year (can't remember the acronym) and it stressed me out no end. My excuse is that I was stll feeling crap from all the treatment - but I haven't done it again this year mind you! Congrats on your novel doing well on Authonomy. I'll have a look!

Shayne Parkinson said...

My muse is being a quiet companion at the moment, giving gentle encouragement rather than firing me up. Every little helps, though.

I slipped onto Auth to re-shelve Samael, as I believe that's worthwhile under the new system. I'm having trouble shelving anything, though, but will try again after I've swept up the cookie crumbs.

Philip Whiteland said...

I think I may have found your mouse - or have I misunderstood something somewhere?

DD said...

Well, if you find your muse, can you tell him to blimmin get mine to come home? He's been AWOL for some time now and I'm beginning to think he's got another writer stashed away ..... xx

Wally B said...

He's probably wondering if the grass really is greener. When he finds out that it is not, he'll be back with his tail (or something) between his legs

Maddy said...

Sound you via DJ Kirkby and Nano. Sounds like you have more than a full plate and a cold to boot - if you can't boot up your muse by lighting a candle then it sounds as if some Vicks Vapour rub might warm you/him up.

Lara said...

I read Room in two days flat. I loved it

Hope you feel better soon

Rob-bear said...

Sorry to hear you're felling poorly, Jane. Likewise that your muse is gone. And since he's away, will your writing be a-muse-ing? Just wonderd.

CAMILLA said...

Well let's hope your muse comes back Jane..!

Have heard that the book Room is great, will have to pop over to Amazon site at the weekend, thanks Jane.

Wonderful news about Sameal Jane, but I so hope it gets on the shelves soon, you are such a talented writer Jane.

By the way, love your blog in The Lady, buy it every week, told my fabby friend nearby..... go take a look, brilliant and not only that I know her.!

Sorry to hear you have dreaded cold Jane, my advice, very large glass of brandy every night before bedtime with spoonful of honey, hope you feel better soon darling girl.


Anonymous said...

just wondering if you know who that guy is , the one in your pic with the wings