Thursday 16 December 2010

Quantum flirting

Before I became cynical, I used to believe that life would show you exactly what you needed to know. All you had to do was to keep your eyes and ears and heart open. Sometimes important things would plonk themselves right in front of you; at other times they would flirt with you, a flash of neon pink, the lyrics of a song, an image on the web.
‘Watch out for the flirting,’ said my friend Sarah. ‘It’s important.’ She died three years ago and the Sarah-shaped hole in my life is just too deep to contemplate. Sarah was/is/maybe will be a Jungian psychotherapist, a knower of I Ching, a hunter of dreams. I met her on assignment but forgot I was supposed to be a journalist within seconds. She touched my soul, became a heart and mind friend, a wise teacher, a fellow pilgrim. She would be/is/definitely will be grinning all over her lovely face right now because the flirting is back. Quantum flirting. :) And my cynicism is shattered into tiny shards.

‘Spooky action at a distance,’ Einstein called it. Entangled connections. [at this point I thought I should explain about locality; about non-locality; about how some things can be connected, part of some inherent oneness, even if they become separated at the furthest ends of the universe.] But then I thought, sod it.

You really don’t have to understand the physics (and if you do, there’s St Google). Just enjoy the ride.

I dunno if this is something that interests you...probably not. But if it does, just watch out for the coincidences; for the simple twists of fate; for the little things that catch the corner of your eye.

It’s about the book that suddenly appears a little further out than the rest. It’s about looking for one thing on Google and stumbling over something entirely different. It’s opening the right page at precisely the right moment. It’s the butterfly that I found on my bedroom floor (which the SP then promptly ate). It’s about the little flask that winks at you and says, ‘drink me’. It’s about the missing tarot card.  It's about following your soul, not your head. It’s about peering into the void, seeing something shiny at the bottom and just pitching forwards. It’s about believing in miracles.

Sooo. The piles of books on my desk are getting even higher. I’m hurtling through the labyrinth, spiralling so fast down tunnels, crashing into dead ends and then catching sight again and heading off, faster than ever. I’m a crazy old Alice but that's alright.

Today I’m reading Arnie Mindell; doing a whole loada meditation; still not eating a whole lot; listening to Blood on the Tracks; doing the tarot; thinking a lot about a new book. Spinning wildly...getting more than a little dizzy....falling over and laughing out loud.




F said...

That's the most beautiful thing I've read/am reading/will read all day. Somewhere a quantum me never discovered your blog. I'm sad for that me.

DD said...

Definitely nothing wrong with mad Alices I say! X

Exmoorjane said...

You two are dear souls - the only ones who have commented! I think my usual readership has scurried off in alarm! xxxxx

Milla said...

you's one crazy chick at the moment, young Jane, but I'm loving it (with blushes for the association with McDonalds which is not very soulful). I get all those little flashy things and meaningful moments but they never mean anything and never join up and haven't brought me health, wealth or happiness.
And today is indeed a crap day for comments. Where are all the bastards!? Whither the ping on the inbox alerting one to another. Pah and Bah.

Frances said...

Hello Jane, I am freshly back from many telephone sessions with computer technicians in places far, far away. Delighted to say that my computer now seems recovered from its Monday crash.

Delighted to be able to read your posts.


fairyhedgehog said...

After reading this I'm feeling sad for a lost friend.

I have a very cynical view of synchronicity so you probably don't want to hear it right now. Your version is much more appealing.

Anonymous said...

I think I'm with you Jane, and am flirting with the flirting. It is taking a lot for someone quite as empirical as me to admit that there is something out there.... but all the little 'coincidences' are just adding up!

Elizabeth Musgrave said...

For years I had above my desk a quote from JGBallard "Deep assignments run through our lives. There are no co-incidences." I think this might be my version of your flirting. I think of them as the stirring and whirling on deep running water. Hope yours are taking you somewhere special.

Sessha Batto said...

two and a half years ago I stepped out into the void and became Sessha who will, indeed, drink from the bottle labeled 'drink me'. One day, perhaps, I'll worry about whether or not I'm mad as a hatter, at the moment it is the most exhilarating and terrifying journey imaginable ;) the wheel turns and, as yet, I am not crushed under by its passage.

Anonymous said...

Arnie will do that to a person! This piece evokes the field. Thanks.