Tuesday 25 September 2012

In which my chakras are brushed into shape with crystal wands

Warning: contains woo woo stuff... (yup, probably more than usual).

It often seems like life is so darn unfair; like we’re being thwarted and vexed at every turn. But I dunno.  Maybe you have to trust that things are working out for the best, in their own weird way.  Maybe we just have to be patient. Maybe everything you really need comes to you - in its own good time.  

I’m still feeling rubbish.  It’s so weird because I really truly don’t get ill normally.  Just the one cold a year to boost my immune system. But this virus thing has been wretched – and weird.  I'm saying weird too much, aren't I?  And I whined – just a little – on Twitter (before quickly deleting it).  But clearly not quickly enough as lovely Nicki Hughes sent me a message saying, simply: ‘This isn’t right. Come and have a treatment – as a treat – on me.’  And she said she’d like to do this new healing treatment on me – so new, it barely had a name.  And I said…well, what do you think I said? J

So yesterday I drove through the wind and rain to the Levels, back to Nicki’s lovely peaceful centre.  And she gave me rose tea and looked at me and looked…worried.  ‘When did this all start?’ she asked.  And I thought back and realized that, curiously, it had all kicked off after I smashed myself on the nose with a kettlebell.  ‘You should see a cranial osteopath,’ she said, and I thought, ‘Doh, why didn’t I think of that.’  Because everything in our bodies and minds is interconnected so if you whack one thing out of balance, everything else can go skew-whiff.  And, honestly, why else would my eyes be permanently brimming, like I’m on the verge of tears?  ‘But I can’t…y’know…’ I said and she said, ‘Yeah, I know,’ and then said she’d do what she could.

So there I was, lying buck naked on Nicki’s couch in her gorgeous room overlooking the garden. Covered with a light blanket, looking like death not even vaguely warmed up (me, not the blanket).  And she started by smudging me (to cleanse out my aura).  Interestingly she placed the smudge bowl on my abdomen and actually touched my skin with the feather, rather than just wafting the smoke over me.  And the energy started fizzing, reminding me that I really should smudge myself more often cos it’s so easy to pick up negative rubbish. 

The treatment itself is really unusual.  The aim is to break up and release any blockages on an emotional or energetic level.  So she handed me a couple of quartz wands to clutch and took me on a guided journey through the chakras, placing the relevant crystals on each chakra and getting me to visualize all the crap being sucked out with my out-breath.  Yeah, I know – it sounds totally weirdy-beardy but, y’know, it was great.  

I’m into shamanic stuff, as you know, and this sent my bioenergy tingling all over the place.  Particularly in my third eye.  And that was interesting cos I figured it would be my heart or throat which would do the fandango but no. Third eye whizzing, pulsating, going totally bonkers, having a party all on its own. 

Anyhow, once we’d cleared the shit from the top to the bottom, she massaged me using specific oils for each chakra and using…crystal wands.  It sounds odd but it’s really very lovely.  I never did tell you about the bamboo massage at Champneys, did I?  Well, it’s nothing like that.  Very gentle, very soothing and there’s this wonderful little click click every time the wands meet. 

Then, just when I was floating off into the ether she plugged me back to earth with hot stones. I’ve always been less than blown away by these in the past but as part of this treatment they worked…a treat.  And they made me realize just how cold I was. Cold to the bone. Cold to the soul. Again.  And really, I could have stayed there all day, cuddling the ‘father’ stone – a big bruiser. 

But all good things come to an end (or so they say)...  and so the SP and I said farewell to Nicki and drove back down the motorway feeling…a bit blissed out really. By the time we got home I was totally wiped.  And so we snuggled us up by the fire and…slept.  Cos sleeping is also healing…right? 

Do check out Nicki if you’re anywhere within kicking distance of Taunton or Langport in Somerset.  Truly – she’s worth the trip.  http://www.waysidehouse.co.uk/


Tee said...

I do love this blog, Jane. You open me up to so much of what I do not know.

Though it made me think of a funny little story that had me smiling.

My love and I were sitting around talking about crystals and healing stones and he told me had a book on them. We were flipping through, looking at all the gems and crystals and reading all the healing powers of them. Then I found this sort of ritual for healing them. This couple in the picture had a wand and she was standing over he poking him with it. And I said to my love, "I know what we're doing later."

Of course, it was simply a joke, but we had a good giggle. And the whole while as I read this post, I kept thinking of this moment.

I really need to read more into crystals. They really do interest me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have sent the little green monster away and am googling similar practicitioners in the Durham area - can you recommend anyone?