Saturday 18 April 2015

Fasting for a liv(er)ing - plus what I pack for retreat

So, by the time you read this, I will most likely either be whizzing above the clouds in a metal tube or in Portugal.  Or, who knows, somewhere else entirely (because, after all, who knows anything?)
I'm off to test out a ten-day detox (this one is a juice-only cleanse, with added yoga). Nice.
I know it only seems like two minutes since I was in Austria, testing out the new VIVAMAYR clinic, undergoing the 'Cure' but, hey, this is what I do - I fast for a living. Can't be bad, huh?
This time I'm checking out Moinhos Velhos for Queen of Retreats.  I review a lot of lovely places for this great site - read my reports by clicking on this link.

Anyhow.  Right now (as in, a couple of days ago), I am (was) packing.  What does one pack for a juice fast with added yoga in Portugal?  Well, not so much really.  I don't like lots of luggage - I'm a firm believer in the art of smart packing (roll, roll, always roll) and the beauty of yoga and juice retreats in moderate climates is that you really don't need a lot.  If I can avoid hold luggage, I always do.

My essentials for yoga/fasting retreats

Manuka Mehndi leggings
* Yoga leggings x2.  I treated myself to a new pair in the Sweaty Betty sale and they're pretty good. But I'm also trialling some from Manuka which look and feel fabulous.  The beauty of nice yoga leggings is that they double up as bottoms for hiking, sight-seeing and evening wear.
* T-shirts x4.  
* FitFlops.  Have had a love affair with these ever since the fabulous Victoria Health sent me some to trial way back.  My current pair are shiny black so they still look reasonably smart for going out or evenings (doesn't often happen on this kind of retreat but you never know). Also they're uber-light.  I usually travel in a pair of Fitflop Mukluks which then double up as slippers on retreat.
* Hoodie.  Handy for chilly evenings or post-yoga coverup.
* Trail running shoes.  Heck no, I don't do trail running!  But they're great for hillwalking and rocks scrambling (should one need to rock scramble).  My current ones are ASICS from
* Two swimsuits and one bikini.  Nothing worse than a soggy swimsuit.
* One kaftan.  This time I'm testing out the Seafolly one below from Coco Bay for Queen of Retreats.
* Two long black tops.
* One pair of shorts - rocking a rather fab Paisley pair at the moment from Zara.  Think they're meant to be men's swimming trunks but what the hell?
* One cardigan.
* Sunglasses and sun-hat.
* iPod (with new addiction, BassBuds headphones), iPhone (no need for camera) and fully loaded Kindle. Travelplug adaptors (x2).
* Notebook and many pens (stored in plastic pouch). Used to swear by Moleskine but have switched allegiance to Muji (fraction of the price and weight).
* Lightweight waterproof jacket (you never know).
* Stretchy black jeans (uber comfortable in case a spot of impromptu horse-riding occurs - I live in hope).  If not, handy for evenings.
* Light cotton bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, comb and trial size cosmetics.  At the moment I'm loving Balance Me.
* Tazeka Aromatherapy Travel Companion - I sniff it religiously throughout flights to ward off bugs.
* SF50 suncream.  Still looking for a totally natural one that really performs (and comes in 100ml sizes or less).  Suggestions welcome.
* Underwear, obviously.  Tend to take five pairs and wash while away.
* Cosy socks.  Even in a hot climate feet can get cold in savasana - particularly when fasting.
* Small lightweight rucksack.
* Passport, boarding pass, credit card, bit of local dosh (doh).  Plastic pouch for security check-in liquids.

Actually, now I've written it all down it looks like a heck of a lot.  But truly, it all fits into a small carry-on with room to spare.  Did I miss anything?  :-)


Irish Eyes said...

Have just indulged in a high speed run through your blogs, haven't been on the pc for ages, study too flippin' cold during winter and I am rapidly getting too old to freeze! Love it all, as always. These days I am beginning to feel like a dinosaur - I am reminded of the lines
"...tread softly for you tread on my dreams..." or in this instance, my total lack of computery stuff!
Hope all is good with you, enjoy the sun; God be with the days when we were all blogging hell for leather for a certain comp on a certain magazine site...I have just realised I last blogged at ~Christmas. Note to self...buck yer act up woman!

Exmoorjane said...

Sooo lovely to see you here, dear heart. Don't like to think how long ago it was we were blogging 'there' - Clonteen! :)
Yup, I take a wander over to your blog every so often - get your act together!!!! xxxx