Thursday 30 April 2015

Wanted: one retreat centre. 
What would I like for Christmas?  A retreat centre, that's what.  Nothing big and fancy and smart. Not a kick-ass spa or a fancypants hotel but a simple place where people (myself included) could  
Where would it be?  It doesn't entirely matter - though feng shui would prefer that it have water (ocean ideally) in front and mountains (or some sort of hills) behind.  It would embrace all the elements and be head over heels in love with every season.  It would be a place where the devas, the elementals and the nature spirits would smile.  A place to sun, moon and star bathe. 

This I do know: there would be open fires, there would be big deep baths, there would be snugly throws and hammocks and sweet sweet scents. There would be silence sometimes and music from time to time too.  There would be laughter and smiles, sometimes tears maybe but of the healing kind.  It would be a place to breathe deeply and well.  There might have to be animal therapists.  There could be a labyrinth.  

I'm not sure I'd want to inflict a programme or routine.  But, if people chose, they could join in daily meditation and yoga, in gentle walks and mindful mealtimes.  Food would be picked and prepared with love and care, a prayer breathed into every pot.  

There would be no preaching or pontificating, just peace and prana (and some Puckish fun too).  It would, in my dreams, be a place where people could let go of their cares and worries; a place that, maybe, might inspire them to remember who they are - really/unreally - and to take that back to their everyday lives. It would be a place that would remind me to do that each and every day too.

Above all, it would be affordable.  Every time I go away and report on these amazing retreats and spas, it hits me that only a few people could afford to go to them - and often not the ones who really need them.  I remember back when I used to go to the Pelican Centre in Somerset (now sadly no more) that I used to pay extra each time I went (as did other people) so the Centre could offer free or discounted places to those who needed them but couldn't afford the full whack. I like that idea.   

Anyhow, that's what I'd like.  It doesn't have to be immediately.  My son still has two years of school to go.  But then...well, that would be tickety-boo.  Of course I have no money to buy it.  Not a penny. But hey, I'm putting it out there, out here, as - who knows?  


Rachel Selby said...

I think your house looks like the perfect place for a retreat. Just saying.

Exmoorjane said...

It is a fabulous space, Rachel, but sadly not quite big enough for purpose. Also, no ocean. :) xx

Rachel Selby said...

Paddling pool in the garden? No I guess not.

Frances said...

Jane, your Christmas wish sounds very, very appealing. It's grand that you've returned home from that retreat carrying some continued positive thoughts and your usual enticing imagination.


Hami said...

When you find a place why not crowd fund? I will contribute in whatever money I can give, my time, my awe inspiring Indian head massages, my kindness, my healthy wholesome cooking and non cooking, my administration skills, my very very funny sense of humour...yup that funny, my organisation skills, my compassion....did I mention my v v v funny sense of humour and my kindness
Much love, Hami

Exmoorjane said...

@Rachel: Paddling pool therapy? Why not? :)
@Frances: It does, doesn't it? xx
@Hami: Now there's a sound as if you could bring way WAY more to it than I could! :) xx