Friday, 10 June 2011

Israel calling...

Yes, yes, I know this isn't Israel...but desert, camels right?
Seems I’m getting a bit better at this manifestation malarkey.  Not exactly spot on target yet but getting closer, a lot closer. Now then, you know I have this *thing* about deserts?  Not quite sure why but there’s something about all that emptiness that just calls to my soul.  Add camels, crusader castles, ancient cities, souks and falafel, and I’m close to heaven.  Ask me which countries I want to visit and – right through my life - the same ones come out on top:  Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan.  Middle East – yeah, yeah, I know it’s problematic but, but, but… email pings in...

‘Would you like to come to Israel?’ 
Say what?  I read it again.
Tel Aviv beach - so,  no pressure then?!
I was being invited on a blog trip; a week organised by Kinetis, a non-profit organisation whose aim is to dispel the, um, conflict-laden image of Israel and show “opinion-makers” (*cough*) just how creative and vibrant Israel is.  Interesting.  Opinion amongst people I know is fiercely split over Israel.  My mother in law and best friend loathed it.  My brother and another good friend adored it. Maybe I should make up my own mind.  Could I blog on whatever I liked?  I asked.  Absolutely, they said.  Hmm. If you sit on your backside, nothing ever happens. It wasn’t Egypt but it was close.  ‘I’d love to,’ I said. ‘Yes.’

So, I'm off at the end of the month. Then I found out on Twitter that RosieScribble was going too and we got to thinking.  Neither of us has a stitch to wear.  I figure we need a wishlist…hey, maybe some smart companies or PRs could even pitch in here... Nothing ventured, eh?... and boy, we give damn good social media!  Here we go:
1. Swimsuit.  We're going to be frolicking in the waves on the beaches at Tel Aviv which, from YouTube, look pretty amazing.  We'll have stiff competition from sickeningly gorgeous teens but, hey, we're goddesses, right?  There's even a swimsuit named after us at Figleaves.
The "Goddess" - ho hum.
2. Handbag.  Mine is a sad, torn and frayed thing.  Yup, I have just the one. Contrary to popular belief on the part of men, not all women have a wardrobe full of handbags. Now, I'm not being greedy or anything; don't mind a bargain.  Have my eye on this little number from the Mulberry outlet store.  What you reckon?  78% off??! Still can't afford it though. :(

3.  Sunglasses.  Rosie stipulated this.  I have "vintage" Raybans bought from Miami airport on an aeon-ago press trip to the Bahamas. But if she thinks we need new, we need new.  Rosie likes Burberry, but I rather fancy these D&G aviators from Sunglass Hut.
4. Tops, cropped jeans, t-shirts.  Boden would work for this.  And, oh my, do I love these clog sandals... Just sayin'...
5.  A jaunty hat.  I have thick hair so it needs to be roomy... Have my eye on one in the Joe Browns catalogue - a snip at £12.95
Now then. What are we missing?  Ideas? Thoughts?  Offers?
Oh, and if you want to follow our *journey* (so far our Twitter conversations are getting well out of hand) follow Rosie as well as me...  she's @RosieScribble on Twitter and you can find her blog here  I hasten to add that she is a *pukka* sensible grown-up "parent blogger" - unlike yours truly.  ;)


Milla said...

I can donate a dog. She's in the post. She'll bark at camels and have a grand old time and save me a week's walks. C'mon, ONE of us should be going!!!

Lucy Corrander said...

Making the most of it!


LovelysVintage said...

Israel: one of the most amazing countries I have ever visited. I lived on a kibbutz there for a few months and I have travelled extensively there. You will fall in love and never want to leave. I promise.

Lucy Corrander said...

I've come back. I was going to delete my comment but I'll leave it because I got carried away by the spirit of the post, admit it - and am sorry. But . . . it's a political trip? It must be. There is conflict. That can't be sidestepped. Aren't the clothes irrelevant?


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I'm liking the *pukka* sensible grown-up bit!

It's certainly going to be an experience, even more so if you end up flogging me for 2000 camels.

Is that you dancing in the Tel Aviv beach photo?

Exmoorjane said...

Milla: thank you, hon - but it's okay...I know it would be a sacrifice but you love the hound really... ;)

LV: Interesting. People either seem to love or hate. :)

Lucy: Why on earth would you want to delete your comment? Don't apologise - everyone is entitled to an opinion and I was interested to see what people thought about this.
Any press or blog trip will have an agenda - of course it will - it would be naive to think otherwise. The obvious hope is that one will be impressed and report favourably. However, I like to think I have a few ethical bones in my body and that I would report honestly... No, conflict can't be sidestepped...of course it can't.
I thought about this issue long and hard before accepting and realised that I had my own filter on this and that I needed to stay open-minded.

Is the clothing issue flippant? Yes, of course it is...but I am not a political commentator - and, tbh, I really don't have a stitch to wear.. :(

Rosie: I have reassured my accountant that I have a contingency plan - sadly you are it. I will try to find someone relatively good-looking, okay? Of course that's me dancing *eyeroll*

Frances said...

Hello Jane, I do admit that Milla's comment really made me laugh. Guessing that you might have a dog of your own to donate. No names.

over the years, I've know many folks who've visited Israel, lived there, done the kibbutz year, etc. Please do take care. Take lots of sunscreen, and find some more when you get there.


Rob-bear said...

Hope your trip goes well.

About 20 years ago, my wife and spent about five weeks in Israel and Egypt. I didn't have that kind of swimsuit, bag, or shoes. Got along just fine without them. But then, a Bear will dress a little differently from a human being.

Family affairs said...

Omg that is so cool. Lucky u!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it lx

Belgravia Wife - sort of said...

You will love it, I can't guarantee that of course and I'm hoping the sartorial side comes together. I've been a few times and had an extraordinary time, every time. Enjoy xx

Alison Cross said...

wow! I'd better get my envelope to you in the post right away - what fablas manifestation!

Hope you guys have an AMAZING time!!!

Ali x

susie @newdaynewlesson said...

I am going to get to meet you guys right???? Seeing as I live here. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane!!!! I'm another one of your trip-partners to Israel!!
Isn´t it really exciting??? Didn't you think it was a joke too?? jjj

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Rena Rossner said...

Would love to meet up with you...I work in Jerusalem. Let me know your schedule and if it can work out I'll pop on by to meet you!