Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My Karaoke song would be...

Well I was going to write something entirely different  today but it felt a bit maudlin somehow.  Then I found I’d been tagged by the lovely Erica for the ‘karoake meme’.  Say what?  What song would I sing karaoke?  Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve never done karaoke, not once.  Never had the chance.  Would I?  Sure. After all, I’m no stranger to making a complete arse of myself in public, am I?

But what would I sing?  When I think back to me singing, my first thought is hymns. I used to love singing in church for some strange reason, Christmas carols in particular – The Three Kings will still bring a tear to my eye today.  But you can’t do karaoke carols, can you? 
I do have this clear as day image of racing onto the dance floor, aged 18, every time Gloria Gaynor came on.  I will survive.  Now there’s a song and a half.  Young, passionate, desperate, with skin so thin it ripped at the slightest scratch, I’d dance and sing my heart out to that; in my skin-tight red jeans and Oxfam “vintage” spiky heels; fuelled by Southern Comfort and heartbreak.

But since then?  No, not really.  I sing in private though, all the time.  When I’m driving alone I let down the windows, turn the volume up high high high and belt out all sorts.  When I’m walking in the woods, with my iPod stuck in my ears, I am wont to sing along to Kate Bush’s Lily (which sends shivers down my spine)  – complete with arm actions – it’s a fecking good job I don’t meet anyone or I'd be typing this from a padded room.  And no, I can't sing that high.

Borderline by Kleemass on
But now? Hmm.  I rather like the sound of Rock Band for Xbox – might have to investigate that.  And, while my general musical inclinations lie with rock, nowadays I do most of my lip-syncing to Zumba dance tracks… So, I guess it would have to be this.. and yeah, I can do all the voices!
Now then.  Who do I tag?
Milla (if she says The Smiths I will strangle her).

So girls...hmm, all girls...funny that.  Okay, my lovelies - get to it! 

btw, Gloria is dedicated to a very lovely friend in particular who will survive...and to all of you really - because we will, we do, of course we do...


Milla said...

if you'd heard me sing, you'd ask almost anyone else on t'internet. I have done karaoke. Thrice. Once at a thirteen year old's party. Once at a friend's 40th (we were all safely ensconced in Wales and could bellow. Various disgruntled husbands the next day made unkind comparisons to wounded cats screeching) and once at a New Year playstation Star something thing. The common theme is that glass of wine de trop. Not good. Never again. Shame. Would love to wow 'em. Don't. Not even in my most deluded state can I think I make a good noise.
"I would go out tonight ..."

Exmoorjane said...

Milla: we'll duet one day.. :) Fear not, you can consume a vat of wine first...

Lou Freshwater said...

Totally love your choices and may just sing I Will Survive in my living room right now.

Alison Cross said...

In the darkest cleft of myself, I love the sort of music that only gay men like - Liza Minelli, Barbra Streisand and anything from a West End Show.

If I could sing, I'd probly chose something like 'I'm still here' from Follies

Ali x

Rob-bear said...

I sing in church, in my study, pretty much anywhere I feel like. Hymns, ballads, whatever. Various composers. Sometimes I get out my five-stringed banjo and sing "protest" songs from the 1960s and 70s.

And yes, I have survived!